Pettigrew Talks About Pro Day

In an exclusive interview with Falcon Insider's Doug Farrar, Oklahoma State tight end Brandon Pettigrew talks about his Pro Day, why he didn't run, and what's ahead for him.

In a world of big receivers masquerading as tight ends, Oklahoma State's Brandon Pettigrew stands out with his versatility -- specifically, his ability to block inline. While OSU did run the spread offense, it was more run-based, requiring Pettigrew to take on defenders at the line as much as he was running routes -- as he put it, he played "both attached and detached" from the offensive line.

After running a 4.85 40-yard dash, questions about Pettigrew's straight-line speed were not answered, and it was hoped that he would be able to set the doubts to rest during OSU's Pro Day on Wednesday. However, he suffered a Grade 1 hamstring strain in workouts about a week ago (running his 40, ironically), and was advised not to participate in any workouts by his doctor and physical therapist. "I was running my 40, got about 30 yards out, and it just kind of bit me."

Sean Howard of Octagon Football, who represents Pettigrew, said that his client will spend the next 2-3 weeks recovering, with a new workout scheduled in early April if teams need to see more than they already have.

Pettigrew did measure in at 6-5 ("Just under 6-6," he said) and 264 pounds. He spoke with a few NFL teams at the Pro Day, with Baltimore showing the most interest on this day, and the Falcons as one of the teams with specific interest from the Combine to now.

What do the experts say about Pettigrew? Mike Mayock of the NFL Network believes that he's a "plus/minus Jason Witten," comparing him to the Cowboys' productive tight end. "He's not a blazer -- I thought he might be a 4.75 guy. I was surprised that he ran 4.85, but it doesn't change one iota what I think he is. He's an inline tight end that will block his tail off, and he might not be as fast as some of those vertical guys, but he can separate and catch the football."

Pettigrew's ready for the next step -- he'll training some more at the Michael Johnson Performance Center in McKinney, Texas, where he's been working since January. Then, it will be time for one final proving ground before the NFL Draft. Pettigrew is currently projected by most mock drafts as a late first-round pick --'s own Mock Draft Muncher currently has him going to the Atlanta Falcons, a team with a real need for an elite tight end, with the 24th pick in the draft.

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