Dahl Tops Falcons' Performance-Based Pay List

As a means of rewarding NFL players whose playing time was disproportionate to their salary, each player in the league who plays at least one snap is eligible to receive additional funds from the NFL's performance-based pool.

For 2008, each team's performance-based pool contains $3.258 million dollars.

54 Atlanta Falcons received additional compensation, with right guard Harvey Dahl leading the way with $255,938.

Dahl's next-door neighbor on the offensive line, right tackle Tyson Clabo, was right behind him, pocketing $254,297 dollars in additional pay, which was 2nd on the team.

Dahl and Clabo both had base salaries of $445,000 in 2008, and ranked 21st (Dahl) and 22nd (Clabo) in the NFL in performance-based pay.

Cornerback Brent Grimes ($189,409), rookie defensive end Kroy Biermann ($162,469), and left guard Justin Blalock ($144,273) round out the Falcons' top 5 performance-based pool earners.

Falcons special teams leaders Jason Snelling ($121,308) and Coy Wire ($113,837) were also among the Falcons' top earners, as was starting cornerback Chris Houston ($139,921) and tight Justin Peelle ($123,239)

Along with Biermann, rookie cornerback Chevis Jackson ($122,031) and rookie wide receiver Harry Douglas ($112,217) topped six-figures in the performance-based pool.

Veteran tight end Marcus Pollard earned the least amount, banking an additional check worth $1,386.

NFL's Top 10 Performance-Based Pool Earners
1. Jeromey Clary, OT, San Diego - $405,859
2. Lyle Sendlein, OC, Arizona - $348,134
3. Chris Horton, S, Washington - $342,197
4. Carl Nicks, OT, New Orleans - $335,033
5. Brandon McDonald, CB, Cleveland - $329,803
6. Uche Nwaneri, OG, Jacksonville - $323,788
7. Michael Johnson, S, NY Giants - $315,650
8. Charles Godfrey, S, Carolina - $311,294
9. Darnell Stapleton, OG, Pittsburgh - $311,220
10. Donald Penn, OT, Tampa Bay - $310,919

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