'Boys workout MAC Safety

Looking for possible early round help in the defensive backfield, the Dallas Cowboys recently worked out this underrated safety from the MAC.

The Dallas Cowboys are one of a handful of teams who have worked out Western Michigan safety Louis Delmas, TheRanchReport.com has confirmed.

When Scout.com talked to Delmas for a recent interview, his head was spinning with the draft just a month away.

"Coming out of school, I never expected to be the number-one free safety," he said. "I'm really excited about talking to all the NFL teams."

Delmas brings an unusual coverage ability to his position, and his coaches knew that he was best suited sizing up opposing receivers.

"In the defenses we ran, I was usually directed to cover, because my coaches felt that I was a playmaker," he remembered. "No matter where the ball went, I was in the play. I was maybe 20 percent in the box in any given game. We'd run halves, thirds, hard Cover-2, a man Cover-2, we'd run a lot of Fire Zone, and three-man deep."

He was especially effective in the first three games of the Broncos' 2008 season, when the team went 2-1 against Nebraska, Northern Illinois, and Idaho. He was in on at least 10 tackles in every contest and picked off one pass in each game.

The pick he remembers most? The season opener against Nebraska.

"Being that they had great receivers, and my coach let me lay back and make a play on the ball. It was a tipped ball, I was on my way to the number-one receiver with a tipped ball. I intercepted it and returned it 33 yards."

The play against the Cornhuskers was also important because it gave Delmas ammo against those who would throw the common question out there -- how does the small-school star do against "elite" competition?

"Well, I feel that any one school can beat any other school on any given day," he said. "We played a lot of good teams -- Florida State -- unfortunately we lost that one -- Illinois, Iowa and Virginia. I mean, we were competitive with a lot of great opponents. Coming out of Western Michigan, I feel that we did a good job against any level of competition."

Meanwhile the Cowboys, of course, need plenty of help in the defensive backfield after releasing former first-round pick Roy Williams last month.

A safety who moves well in the open field that can also be used around the line of scrimmage, like Delmas, would certainly be a welcomed addition to the 2009 roster.

"He is an athletic playmaker that has great instincts," notes Scout.com NFL draft expert Chris Steuber. "He has a sleek frame that could use more mass, but he delivers devastating hits that leave a mark. He has great awareness and an explosive burst to the ball.

"He also flashes soft hands and turns defense into offense instantly. He's fluid in his backpedal and flips his hips nicely in coverage."

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