Updated Best Available Free Agents-Offense

Here's an updated look at the best available free agents from the offensive side of the ball with brief analysis on close to 100 players.

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Brett Favre - Still wants to play and should sign a contract by some time in July.
Michael Vick - Still suspended by the NFL and it's still very questionable if he'll play this season even if he gets reinstated.
J.P. Losman - Mistake prone, but talented signal caller. Should find a home by early August.
Gus Frerotte - Decent backup option.
Quinn Gray - Tried out for the UFL recently.
Drew Henson - Fits in as a third quarterback.
Brad Johnson - Failed miserably as Dallas' backup last season.
Brooks Bollinger - Fits in as a third quarterback.
Jamie Martin - His agent, Tom Mills, said Martin still wants to play.

Running Back

Edgerrin James - Fits in as a solid second back and can also handle a third-down role.
Warrick Dunn - Probably has one to two years left as a second back.
Deuce McAllister - Knee problems have curtailed a once promising career. He said recently that he still wants to play.
Ahman Green - Has dealt with knee problems in recent years and may retire.
DeShaun Foster - Should find work as a second back after camps start.
Selvin Young - Solid change of pace back.
Najeh Davenport (KR) - Talented, but underachiever.
Rudi Johnson - Probably has a few years left as a second back.
Michael Pittman (FB) - Fits in as a second back and can play fullback if needed.
Tatum Bell - Fits in as a second back.
Chris Perry (KR) - He hasn't been the same since suffering ankle problems earlier in his career. Fits in as a second back.
Reuben Droughns (KR) - Fits in as a third back.
Aaron Stecker (KR) - Versatile, veteran back who probably has one decent year left as a third back.
Brian Calhoun - Talented, but underachieving third back.
Maurice Hicks (KR) - Fits in as a third back.
Jesse Chatman - Fits in as a third back.
Travis Minor (KR) - Fits in as a third back.

Cecil Sapp - He worked out for the Buffalo Bills recently.
Patrick Pass - After being out of the league for more than a year, he signed back with the Patriots, only to be let go less than a week later.
Andrew Pinnock - He was supposed to be the heir apparent to Lorenzo Neal with the San Diego Chargers, but it never quite worked out that way.
Jon Bradley - The Detroit Lions released him recently.

Wide Receiver
Plaxico Burress - The Chicago Bears make the most sense for his next team. They badly need a physical presence opposite Devin Hester.
Marvin Harrison - Turns 37 in August and it's questionable if he can still start after having knee problems in recent years.
Jerry Porter - Big receiver who still has some productive years left.
D.J. Hackett - Talented receiver who has had injury problems. Could challenge for a starting job though in a West Coast system.
Drew Bennett - Probably fits in as a third receiver.
Reggie Williams - Talented, but troubled receiver who may have a hard time finding a job any time soon.
Matt Jones - Started to realize his potential last season, but off-the-field issues are to blame for him being a free agent.
Amani Toomer - Fits in as a third receiver at this point in his career.
Marty Booker - Could find work this year as a third receiver.
Joe Jurevicius - Solid possession receiver, but has dealt with major knee problems the past year or so.
Ike Hilliard (PR) - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Koren Robinson (KR) - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Ashley Lelie - Speedy former first-round pick of the Broncos who fits in as a fourth receiver.
Darrell Jackson - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Justin McCareins - Probably fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Drew Carter - Talented receiver, but is coming off of an ACL injury.
Travis Taylor - Journeyman former first-round pick of the Ravens who fits in as a fourth receiver at this point in his career.
Robert Ferguson - Physical fourth receiver.
Dane Looker - His agent, Rick Smith, said the veteran receiver wants to still play. Fits in as a fourth receiver.
Dante Hall (PR/KR) - Fits in as a fourth receiver and as a special teams returner.
Cliff Russell (KR) - Speedy receiver who never lived up to his potential.
Tab Perry (KR) - Talented but injury prone receiver.
Anthony Mix - Big possession type and fourth or fifth receiver.
Steve Sanders - Fits in as a fifth receiver.
Biren Ealy - Has some upside as a fifth receiver.

Tight End

Mark Bruener - May retire, but if he wants to play, he would fit in as a blocking/third tight end
Daniel Wilcox - Decent blocker who fits in as a second or third tight end.
Jerame Tuman - Fits in as a third tight end.
Courtney Anderson - One very highly regarded by the Raiders, but has bounced around quite a bit the past few seasons.
Nate Jackson - Athletic third tight end.
Martrez Milner - Just waived by the Jets and fits in as a third tight end.
Adam Bergen - Former undrafted free agent who fits in as a third tight end.

Offensive Tackle
Levi Jones (LT) - Talented, long-time starter for the Bengals, but has suffered through various injuries over the past few years which have limited his play.
Mark Tauscher (RT) - May not be ready to play until after the regular season starts.
Jon Runyan (RT) - He still wants to play one to two years and should be ready to go some time in July or so.
Jonas Jennings (LT/RT) - Oft-injured since he signed a big free-agent contract with the 49ers and probably is better off at right tackle because of his short arms.
Charles Spencer (LT/RT/G) - Very talented and versatile, but hasn't been the same after suffering a horrific leg/knee injury during his rookie season with the Texans.
Kwame Harris (LT) - Marginal starter, but could be a solid backup for a team in need of a LT.
Brandon Gorin (RT) - Got hurt before the season started last year and didn't play, but fits in as a fourth tackle.
Junius Coston (RT) - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Rob Petitti (RT) - Fits in as a fourth tackle.
Fred Miller (RT) - 36-year old tackle who probably will retire.
Seth Wand (LT/RT) - Big, slow-footed former third-round pick for the Texans.


Kendall Simmons - 30-year old interior lineman who started 80 games in seven years for the Steelers. Could find a starting job if a team loses a guard during training camp.
Pete Kendall - He turns 36 early next month, but probably still has two good years left in him.
Terrence Metcalf - Had started 25 games in seven years with the Chicago Bears.
Edwin Mulitalo - Oft-injured interior lineman who could be a pretty solid backup at this point of his career.
Chris Naeole - Turns 35 at the end of the regular season and probably will retire.
Fred Weary - Former third-round pick of the Texans who could be a solid third guard.
Evan Mathis - Decent backup with some upside.
Barry Stokes (RT/LT) - The 35-year old journeyman lineman has spent time with 10 teams in his career, but could find a new home before the regular season starts because of his versatility.
Lennie Friedman (C) - Basically a fourth interior lineman.


Melvin Fowler - Could fill in as a spot starter.
Jason Whittle (G) - The 33-year old lineman is capable of playing four positions on the offensive line.
Steve McKinney (G) - He's pretty much at the end of the line, but could have one more season left. His versatility could get him a job.
Grey Ruegamer - Turned 33 this week, but we're told he still wants to play.
Matt Lehr (G) - Versatile veteran backup.
Cory Withrow - Undersized, but serviceable interior backup.


Matt Stover - Very accurate, but a liability on kickoffs.
John Carney - Veteran kicker still wants to play. He did a solid job for the New York Giants last season.
Martin Gramatica - Hasn't been much of a factor in several years and turns 34 this fall.


Mitch Berger - Journeyman punter who should get some looks if any punters who are currently employed get hurt.
Kyle Larson - Long-time Bengal punter who was released earlier this year.
Ryan Plackemeier - Former seventh-round pick of the Seattle Seahawks who has bounced around a bit since being waived by them.
Derrick Frost - Veteran punter who struggled with the Packers last year.

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