Senior Bowl Q&A: Kentucky CB Trevard Lindley

Kentucky cornerback Trevard Lindley knows what he needs to improve upon will take time. He talked about shaking off the rust for this important week of practice, what teams are telling him and more.

Q: How have things gone for you in getting used to the Senior Bowl atmosphere?

It's been pretty good. I felt a little rusty, but after practice was over I went over and got a little (feedback) and did pretty good.

Q: Were you rusty just from the time off or were injuries still a part of the process?

Just at the beginning, probably from the time off. Just working out. Just pretty much lifting and then coming back out here and putting on the pads. You've got to do a couple drills and shake the rust off and then get back out there.

Q: What sort of feedback are you getting from teams that you met with?

I got pretty good size for a corner and just to tackle. Pretty much just to put some more weight on and try to get bigger.

Q: Do they see you initially trying to fit into a nickel role because of the size (5-foot-11, 178 pounds)?

No. Pretty much just try to play on the outside and I guess special teams too. They mentioned a lot of rookies need to play special teams. I'll just go out there tomorrow in practice and try to show myself.

Q: What do you need to do to raise your draft stock?

I guess just be more physical and stay low on my backpedal and stuff like that so I won't get too high. Other than that, I'll be pretty good.

Q: Which teams have you met with?

I met with the Bears, the Packers, Cowboys, the Falcons, the Chiefs.

Q: Did any of those stick out to you as far as making more of a connection during those interviews?

They just pretty much had a questionnaire.

Q: They didn't get into detail and go through film or anything like that?

No, not yet.

Q: Who has impressed you out here from the receiving corps?

I don't really know the names, but the guy from The Citadel (Andre Roberts) and Riley Cooper (Florida) – he's pretty aggressive. The receiver from Ole Miss (either Dexter McCluster or Shay Hodge). They've impressed me so far.

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