Jacobs' "Helmet Guy" Purportedly Speaks

The anonymous fan who caught Brandon Jacobs' helmet in the Lucas Oil Stadium stands spoke to an Indianapolis radio station and called for the league to take disciplinary action against Jacobs.

The fan who caught Brandon Jacobs' helmet in the Lucas Oil Stadium stands Sunday night purportedly spoke to an Indianapolis radio station to explain his end of the incident.

While remaining anonymous, he related his tale to 1070 The Fan. Here's a portion of that interview.

"The Giants took over the start of the third quarter with a quick three-and-out. The Giants offense was coming off the field. We were sitting where we sit, sixth row. I'm focusing on the field. Out of my peripheral vision comes an object hurling through the air, rotating and the only reaction you have is to throw your hands up. My dad was sitting next to me. We go to all the games. The projectile was actually headed more towards him. He was able to get two hands up to stop it. I was able to get one hand up in front of him. Between our three hands, we were able to stop it in mid air. I grabbed it and immediately tried to shove it under my seat because the unofficial rule in the NFL is that what goes in the stands stays in the stands… We sit about the sixth row. Between where we sit and the bench is probably 40 feet. For someone to throw an object the size of a bowling ball, it was moving rather quickly there. The only instinct you have is to throw up your hands. Those people that were sitting in front of us were very fortunate to catch it out of there peripherals as well. They were able to slide their heads to the side. It would have been a direct hit to the head of the row in front of us."

The fan went on to say that had he not given up the helmet to NFL and Colts security, he was sure he'd have been thrown out of the stadium. He said Jacobs should face some sort of discipline.

Jacobs was fined $10,000 by the NFL a few hours later.

"I find it interesting that, if a fan were to throw their Coke or their beer or their hot dog, 50 feet onto the playing surface, that fan would have been out of their in a heartbeat. Here is a professional athlete who, apparently inadvertently, whether it was an accident or intentional, throws an object into the stands. I'm very eager to see what action the NFL takes with that player because there was extreme potential for serious injury with the velocity and where that helmet landed.

"The two women in front of us were very fortunate they were able to catch that out of their peripherals and react to it by sliding their heads to the side otherwise it would have been a direct hit to their heads. The NFL and the Giants especially dodged a real bullet there… There were some really hot and heavy fans in that section because of the danger he put us in."

The fan said he received what officials called "a game ball" in return for the helmet.

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