O'Hara Hoping To Return After Seattle Game

C Shaun O'Hara told Sirius Radio Tuesday that he has a sprain of the Lisfranc joint that will not require surgery. That means sitting two to four weeks. But he hopes to return soon.

Looks like C Shaun O'Hara has the dreaded "Lisfranc" injury in his right foot after all.

O'Hara admitted it on a morning radio talk show Tuesday morning, saying that although his mid-foot sprain is indeed a Lisfranc injury, it is not broken and will not require surgery. The normal healing time for that is two to four weeks, but O'Hara said he's hoping he'll only miss this week's game with Seattle.

That could just be wishful thinking, the same kind DE Mathias Kiwanuka espoused before the Giants finally put him on IR with a herniated disc. This is different, certainly, but it's still a touchy injury.

"I think a lot of people associate the Lisfranc with a fracture of some sort or something that requires surgery, (but) I've been told that's not the case," the Giants center said. "I'm just kind of having my fingers crossed, getting treat as many times a day as possible, and hoping I can heal pretty quick from this. Moreso (I'm) just frustrated (more) than anything that I finally got healthy and now I'm going to have to go through another treatment."

O'Hara injured it in the second quarter last Monday, when a Cowboy fell on the back of his right foot while O'Hara was on his toes.

"It just kind of bent the foot a little bit," O'Hara said. "That's when I felt it and it just kind of got worse as the game went on. I knew after the game that I had done something to my foot."

Meanwhile, look for backup Adam Koets to face a Seattle defense that just got run into the ground in a 33-3 loss to Oakland.

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