Giants Preparing For Two QBs

Brett Favre missed practice Monday and is still struggling with his sprained shoulder. The Giants might be better off seeing him Sunday than Tarvaris Jackson, though the week's preparations will be spent addressing both quarterbacks.

When the Giants hit the practice field today, they'll have to work on two quarterbacks: Brett Favre and Tarvaris Jackson.

Though Favre missed practice yesterday and his streak of 297 straight starts is clearly in jeopardy, the Giants might want to think hard about who they hope will start Sunday's game in Minnesota. Facing a young, mobile Jackson instead of the creaky old Favre and his sprained shoulder might be the worst option.

The fact is, Favre really can't do it anymore. And if the Giants can apply the same up-front pressure to him as they did Donovan McNabb last week, they might very well knock him out of the game, anyway. But along the way, they'll wage a psychological war that would buckle the 5-7 Vikings and compensate, at least partially, for last year's 44-7 season-ending no-show up there. Favre threw four touchdown passes in that one.

Beating Favre would also be a nice way to start the final quarter of the season. He's 5-2 career against the Giants, completing 65.3 percent of his passes for 1,714 yards, 14 touchdowns, and five interceptions. Think the Giants wouldn't like to whup up on this guy, even in diluted form?

Still, they'll have to prepare for two very different quarterbacks.

"It's going to be tougher for our coaches," DT Barry Cofield said. "It's going to be a little bit more difficult to think about for those guys.

"We have actually played against Tavaris Jackson in the past, most of us. He's a different animal with his athleticism and his ability to create plays with his feet and prolong plays with his feet. They definitely do pose two different types of offense that you'd want to prepare for. They still have Adrian Peterson back there and they still have a great O-line. We're going to prepare for that, and in the passing game, in some ways we're going to have to let our ability and talent take over."

Tom Coughlin and Perry Fewell would rather know now whether Favre will play or not. But that won't become apparent until later in the week. By the way things sound up Minnesota-way, however, it appears interim coach Leslie Frazier is committed to Favre until the medical people tell him otherwise.

"Well that'll cause some time to be spent in the preparation end and in practice time preparing for both quarterbacks," Coughlin said. "As the week unfolds, we'll have to do some things which will specialize or be more specific as far as which player we anticipate starting. We'll certainly take full awareness of what the similarities are and then what the differences are."

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