The Only Scenario Remaining

The Giants must beat the Redskins and have the Bears beat the Packers to get into the playoffs.

The Giants' playoff scenarios narrowed themselves down to one possibility when New Orleans beat Atlanta Monday night.

The only way they can make the playoffs now, as a sixth seed, is to beat Washington at FedEx Field and have the Bears beat the Packers.

Should that happen, the Giants would most likely play Philadelphia for a third time this season on wildcard weekend, as the Eagles appear headed for the tournament's third seed.

If nothing else, at least the coaching staff is up on its preparation for the Redskins. The viewed game films on their laptops during their two-day stayover in Green Bay before they boarded a plane Tuesday morning for the flight home. Tom Coughlin said they should be up to speed by Wednesday, when players begin their work week.

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