Levens Signs 3-year Deal

It appears that the Giants have given up on their first-round pick Ron Dayne as the Giants signed RB free-agent Dorsey Levens. Levens was the backup RB to Duce Staley (Eagles) last season and joins ex-Eagle teammate Brian Mitchell in blue.

This is a telling sign that the Giants are ready to part ways with Ron Dayne.

Dayne had a minimal number of carries last season and never showed the skills that Giants fans were expecting in a first-round pick.

Instead, we are watching the making of another Tyrone Wheatley or Jarod Bunch. First-round running backs that will not be welcomed back after their first contract runs out.

Dorsey Levens is a 6'-1", 230 lb. capable running back who played for the Eagles last season after spending eight injury-ridden years with the Packers. Levens has 4,348 running yards and 2,203 receiving yards in his nine years in the NFL, with a 5.5-yard average.

The exact terms of the deal have not been released, but it is rumored to be a 3-year deal for a veteran minimum $655,000 per year and a $300,000 signing bonus. The Giants were able to restructure Tiki Barber's contract that gave the Giants $1.5 million more under the cap.

Look for the Giants to work the phones and try to deal Dayne during the draft.

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