Antrel Still Talking (UPDATED)

Even as the Jets head into the AFC Championship game, Giants S Antrel Rolle resurrected his old criticism of Tom Coughlin as a control freak. Like the Energizer Bunny, Rolle keeps talking, and talking, and talking...

Antrel Rolle doesn't stop.

With the Giants season long since dead and buried, the dynamic safety once again criticized his coach and the organization, this time to Miami radio station WQAM as he talked about the Jets' chances of overcoming the Steelers Sunday.

In fact, you almost got the feeling that Rolle would rather play for Rex Ryan than Coughlin.

"On a personal level he's one of the best guys you could be around," Rolle told host Sid Rosenberg. "Very caring. Honest guy."

But as a coach, Rolle wasn't particularly enthralled with him.

"Honestly, that's where the problem comes with me, as a coach," Rolle said. "When you're talking about the coaching side of things, do I feel like things are a little too uptight? Yeah, I do. If he just loosened up just a little bit, run the ship the way you want to run it, run the program the way you want to run it but let us have a little fun, because at the end of the day that's what it's all about."

Whether Rolle's solution is party hats and cake is unclear. But he did take Coughlin to task about his schedule for getting to the Indianapolis locker room before the Week 2 blowout, saying 3 1/2 hours was way too long to be in there. He also took issue with how everything seemed controlled in the organization.

He obviously saw Ryan as the prototype modern-day coach, though he failed to realize that Ryan may well run the loosest ship in the league. Bill Belichick has won three Super Bowls by going the diametrically opposite way.

But Rolle took none of that into account. He just hopes Coughlin loosens up.

"He has to understand we have a great team, we don't have guys with discipline problems," Rolle said. "We're going to pretty much handle our own outside of football. When it comes to football we're going to take care of our business on the field. Just let us have a little fun a little bit, man. I like the coach, I understand what he's trying to do but he has to understand it's 2011, man, things have changed."

Fellow safety Kenny Phillips, also on the interview, concurred with Rolle.

"I would love to play for a guy like Rex," Phillips said. "He goes to bat for his players. He'll take the blame, he allows you to be you. He's not asking you to hide. If you're a guy who likes to talk, go out and talk, as long as you back it up. His guys are playing for him and I'd love to be a part of that."

He said he still doesn't have a handle on the coach's personality.

"Honestly I don't know," Phillips said. "Still trying to figure it out. I'm going into my fourth year and I'm still trying to feel him out. He's a strict guy, sometimes he's kind of loose. He's sort of like a general, especially the way he runs his football team."

Oh, and about the Jets, Rolle said he hopes they go all the way.

"I'd like to see the Jets take it, I honestly would," Rolle said. "I'm a firm believer in you get what you deserve. They've been working hard all year long. Do I think they're the best team out there? I don't think they're the best team out there. You can name a lot of teams better than them. If you match us up against the Jets, do I think they're a better team? No, I don't think so at all.

"But when it comes to their chemistry, I think their chemistry might be better than ours. I think they have a lot more fun than we have ... At the end of the day, yeah, we're professional athletes, we get paid a lot of money to do what we do but we're all human. No one is a robot at this level. We do have feelings, we like to have fun.

"People want to talk about Rex Ryan and this, that and the other, that team is going to war for him. They would die for him."

As is customary when some players put their footsies in their mouths, they backtrack in their comments. Such was the case with Phillips, who later in the day blogged that his words had been misinterpreted.

"To set the record straight after the radio show that I did with Antrel: I do not want to play for the Jets," Phillips wrote on his personal blog. "I do not want to play for Rex Ryan. I was drafted by the Giants, they stuck with me through my injury and I'm very happy to be a part of this organization.

"Some of the comments I made during the interview were obviously taken the wrong way. All I was trying to do was give Coach Ryan and the Jets some credit, because they're playing well and they deserve it.

"I was not trying to compare the organizations or the head coaches. I did not try to call out Coach Coughlin, place any blame on his shoulders or throw him under the bus. That was not my intention."

Phillips went on to write that he never intended to say he wanted to play for someone other than Coughlin.

"I think that Coach Coughlin is a good coach and a caring coach," Phillips wrote. "He cares about his players, I know that for a fact. He's a straight guy and he expects the best from you, that's what he demands.

"I don't have any problem with coach Coughlin."

The country of Antrel has yet to be heard.

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