Tuck tells off Rolle in Hawaii

Justin Tuck and Antrel Rolle relived old times (2010) at the Pro Bowl in Hawaii. But it wasn't all lovey-dovey, especially in light of Rolle's recent comments on coach Tom Coughlin.

Antrel Rolle said some things about Tom Coughlin at season's end that didn't quite sit well with Justin Tuck.

So the defensive end last week let the loose-lipped safety know exactly where he stood on the matter -- directly in Coughlin's corner.

Rolle, you may remember, went on the radio and, while complimenting the Jets, said he loves Rex Ryan's coaching style and that, perhaps, the buttoned-up Coughlin should loosen up a bit. You know, get with the times.

He also said he'd love to play for a guy like Ryan, leaving the impression that he doesn't particularly care for Coughlin's style. Rolle eventually took it back. But, hey, he said it, right?

"Everything we do with the Giants needs to be a team effort, no matter what we're talking about," Tuck told the Star Ledger. "So it's very important he realizes he's a tremendous, important part of the success of this football team. And not only on the football field but off it, too. It can be as important in what you say as in what you do."

Rolle said he got the message.

"Me and Justin, we are on the same page," Rolle said. "We're both competitors and we're both going after the same goal which is to win."

Tuck did say Rolle was within his rights to voice his opinions. But if Rolle is wise, he'll lighten up on the in-house matters. Otherwise, he and Tuck may soon be having more, less friendly, encounters.

"Was he right to voice it? Sure," Tuck said. "Do I agree with everything he says? Not at all.

"Antrel's going to figure it out," Tuck added. "He's a guy that loves to win, he's a guy that's going to work his butt off. That's all you can ask for. In all facets of that, including leadership."

So Tuck had a little chat with Rolle in Honolulu as the two enjoyed the sun and fun of Pro Bowl week.

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