Tuck's Adversary Rallying Steelers

Who ever thought Justin Tuck's arch-enemy, ex-Cowboy tackle Flozell Adams, would ever become a rallying point in Pittsburgh. But that's exactly what the Steelers have made him.

Giants fans can't be too happy with the Steelers right now. As Pittsburgh gets closer to its attempt to win a record seventh Super Bowl ring Sunday, one of the team's arch-enemies has become a rallying point.

Flozell Adams, the 340-pound offensive tackle who, in 2009 with the Cowboys, nearly ruined Justin Tuck's season with a trip in Week 2, has been embraced by the Steelers. After Jerry Jones cut him last offseason, the 13-year veteran who won all of one playoff game in a dozen years with the Cowboys vowed he'd leave the game with at least one Super Bowl ring.

And the Steelers have made it a point to get the right tackle one. In a show of support, the offensive linemen boarded their plane to Dallas wearing Adams' No. 76 Michigan State jersey. And at Wednesday's press access in their team hotel, Ben Roethlisberger vouched his support to the man who protects his front side.

"For me, yes, it'll be special because of Flozell," Roethlisberger said of the chance to collect his third Super Bowl ring against Green Bay. "I know Steelers fans are excited for the old traditions and rivalries, but for me it's about winning one for Flozell at Cowboys Stadium. For him, that would be awesome."

Tuck and his followers probably feel much different. This is the man, remember, who tripped Tuck in Week 2 to send him into a season of pain and reduced effectiveness with an injured left shoulder. Tuck eventually needed offseason surgery on it, and he returned this year to full strength and a Pro Bowl berth.

Tuck still bears hard feelings for Adams, for good reason. Adams never took responsibility for the trip, even though he incurred a $12,500 fine from the league. And Tuck never did finish that game. His said his only regret was that he didn't have the rest of that game to punish Adams, long regarded as one of the dirtiest players in the league.

Just goes to show you, you don't have to be a die-hard NFC fan to root for Green Bay come Sunday. The Steelers' support for Adams just gave you another reason.

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