Eli Takes Responsibility -- Again

Eli Manning met with the New York media by Radio Row Friday and reiterated that the 25 interceptions he threw this year were his fault, not the coaching staff's.

The little girl Eli Manning's wife, Abby, will give birth to this spring is going to be a lucky kid. She's going to have a standup dad who can teach her a lot about taking responsibility for one's actions.

Just like the quarterback did Thursday at the Super Bowl. For maybe the umpteenth time, he took the load of the 25 interceptions he threw this year on his shoulders, and shooting down any speculation that Tom Coughlin's preparation or quarterback assistant Mike Sullivan's inexperience had anything to do with them.

"I've been playing this game long enough where I know not to throw it to the opposing team," Manning said as he addressed the New York media at Radio Row in the Super Bowl media center. "Coach Sullivan did a great job of getting me prepared and having game plans and breaking down all the film I wanted him to. That wasn't part of it.

"I just had some bad plays, sometimes trying to make too much happen and trying to force things. I've to learn you can try to make stuff happen, but throwing it to the other team is not going to help out the cause."

Manning also joined Justin Tuck's Pro Bowl rebuttal to safety Antrel Rolle's remarks about the control Coughlin exerts over the team.

When asked if Rolle's feelings were a function of getting used to a new coach and new ways, Manning said, "Yeah, I think so. You have a new guy. Coach Coughlin is the only NFL coach I've played for and I like the routine, I like how it's structured. I like knowing what our schedule's going to be, I like knowing how our practices are. He gets us prepared.

"It's not a lot of hootin' and hollerin' like Coach (Rex) Ryan, but it's about getting prepared and going out there and trying to play good football. In that case, I enjoy it and I think he does a great job and a lot of people like the way it is."

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