Fewell Can Settle In Now

With the Titans elevating offensive line coach Mike Munchak Monday, Perry Fewell's final chance at a head coaching job went bye-bye. But that's okay.

Maybe now, Perry Fewell can settle into his offseason knowing full well his plans for the 2011 season, if there is one, that is.

He'll be right back where he was last season, as the Giants' defensive coordinator, now that the Tennessee Titans have promoted Hall-of-Fame offensive line coach Mike Munchak to head coach. The Titans were Fewell's last chance to land a head coaching job, having been passed over by Carolina, Cleveland, and Denver last month. But unlike those other interviews, it seems this one was a mere Rooney Rule formality.

Putting Munchak in after 14 years as an assistant really made all the sense in the world. He spent his Hall-of-Fame career as an offensive lineman with the Houston Oilers, the Titans' direct ancestors, and he understands how the franchise works. There will also be a level of continuity that will carry over from the long, mostly-successful reign of Jeff Fisher.

Meanwhile, Fewell had a chance to get in front of another team. He's obviously thought of highly around the league, and if his unit excels for a second straight year, there's always the possibility that he'll find a head coaching job after next year.

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