Tiki Barber Plans To Unretire

According to a CNN/Sports Illustrated report, former Giants rushing great Tiki Barber expects to unretire and play again in 2011. But for which team?

Tiki Barber hasn't played professional football since 2006. But, reportedly spurred by financial woes, the former Giants great filed unretirement papers with the NFL as a precursor to playing again in 2011, according to a CNN/Sports Illustrated report.

Barber hasn't played since his retirement after the 2006 season, and there's a big question as to whether anybody would want the 36-year-old free agent now. Don't expect the Giants to get in on the bidding. Aside from having younger players like Brandon Jacobs, DJ Ware, and possibly restricted free agent Ahmad Bradshaw, there's a little issue of Barber having blasted coach Tom Coughlin and quarterback Eli Manning repeatedly during a stint as an NBC commentator that ended with his divorce from wife Ginny. She was eight months pregnant at the time Barber left her for 23-year-old former NBC intern Traci Johnson.

The firing cost him a gig estimated at $300,000 per year. In June, 2010, the New York Post reported that Barber was broke and could not meet the financial requirements of his divorce agreement.

Barber seems to have a knack for bad timing. His public comments about Coughlin's stern ways and Manning's supposed lack of leadership ability came only months before the Giants won the Super Bowl in 2007, the year after Barber's final season. Now, he apparently is looking to come back as the NFL and NFLPA try to avoid the league's first work stoppage since 1987.

Odd doings, indeed. One thing is for certain. He won't be back with the Giants. Coughlin was deeply hurt by his comments. And the fans showed him exactly what they thought of him last season with robust booing as the team inducted him into the Ring of Honor.

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