Big Night for Pouncey Family

A year ago Maurkice Pouncey was chosen by the Pittsburgh Steelers with 18th pick of the NFL Draft. Ever since that day his twin brother Mike has had one goal: to get chosen sooner than his brother did. The Pounceys have a bet on it, though I have no idea what it is. There's a pretty good chance Mike will win that wager.

That didn't seem to be the case during the season when Pouncey had trouble finding the QB on his deep snaps and the Gator line performed well below expectations But, as the saying goes timing is everything Michael Pouncey is by far the best guard/center prospect in this draft and there's no doubt he'll be a first round selection

But who will end up with the older twin?

If I were betting I would lay more than a few dollars that Mike Pouncey goes to the Miami Dolphins with the 15th pick It's a perfect fit for a team that is in the process of building a young, talented offensive line Miami has other needs like every other team, but there are several reasons why Pouncey should be the pick here

Talent --- Pouncey is big strong and athletic He can play center or guard, which gives you good versatility and is a physical player on a team that wants to control the game on the ground

Positional depth --- If the Dolphins pass on Pouncey there is basically no chance they will be able to strengthen the line with later selections The pickins are that slim

Other Needs --- Miami could certainly use a running back like Mark Ingram with Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams both free agents I'm a big Ingram fan, but the quality of running backs available in the middle of round two is going to be pretty darn good The same can be said about a deep group of receivers should Miami be concerned about Brandon Marshall's knife wounds Some want Miami to draft a QB, but again, this draft is deep with QB possibilities and they all comes with assorted questions


I hope I'm wrong about Pouncey going to the Dolphins As a life long New York Giants fan I've had Pouncey targeted for their pick at No 19 for quite some time It would give my team a desperately needed infusion of young talent in the trenches Unfortunately for Mike, however it would also change the outcome of their bet


For the other Gators awaiting draft news they can sit this one out For the first time the NFL is spreading the draft over three days with only one round this evening There is no chance any other Gator gets chosen in the first round and there may not be any taken Friday when the second and third rounds take place Carl Johnson, Marcus Gilbert and Ahmad Black have all been listed as potential third rounders, but none is assured

If no one else gets called it would be the fourth time in seven years that only one Gator went in the first three rounds In 2005 it was Channing Crowder (3rd), the following year Chad Jackson (2nd) and in 2009 Percy Harvin (1st) was the only Gator chosen in the early rounds

That's a big change from last year when the Gators had three first round selections (Joe Haden, Maurkice Pouncey and Tim Tebow), three second rounders (Jermaine Cunningham, Carlos Dunlap and Brandon Spikes) plus Major Wright in the third

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