Portis Expresses Interest In Giants

Former Redskins RB Clinton Portis told a radio station that he'd be interested in coming to the Giants. But whether Jerry Reese would take a flier on a banged-up, old rusher is another story.

Clinton Portis is definitely shopping himself around after his February release from the Redskins. And he's sure like to stop in the Giants' storefront once football opens for business.

He told Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday that he'd love for his next stop to be the Giants.

"To go to the Giants and get to play the Redskins twice a year after them feeling I wasn't capable any more, I think that would be outstanding," Portis said. "I forgot to even mention Eli Manning and the great line of the Giants always seem to have and the model of them pounding the ball. I would love that opportunity, too."

Whether Jerry Reese would ever afford him that chance is another story. For one, the Giants futures of Ahmad Bradshaw and Brandon Jacobs are up in the air, totally dependent on a new collective bargaining agreement and its parameters for the salary cap and free agent qualifications. They could keep both, which would close the door on any thoughts about Portis. Or, they could lose one or the other to create an opening for a running back that would certainly come cheap.

Then, there's Portis himself. At 34, he's got an awful lot of miles on the treads. The two-time Pro Bowler, with 9,923 career yards, has played in only 13 games the past two years.

And let's face it, if you can't stick with the Redskins, maybe it's time to say farewell entirely.

If the Giants do want a veteran running back, they'll have more productive options than Portis, anyway. The potential talent pool also includes stars like Carolina's DeAngelo Williams, Miami's Ronnie Brown, and Cincinnati's Cedric Benson.

Bottom line, Portis may be hunting in the wrong area.

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