Izzo To Coach For Giants

A Star-Ledger report indicates that former Patriots special teams wiz Larry Izzo will be hired as soon as the lockout ends to assist coordinator Tom Quinn. If they follow through, the Giants couldn't have picked a better guy.

Someone in the Giants' organization must be thinking, "If we've got a problem, get one of the best to help solve it."

When he played special teams for the Patriots, there was no one more hard-nosed and effective as Larry Izzo. So it stands to reason he'd be a good addition to any coaching staff. And, according to the Star-Ledger, that staff will be the Giants, just as soon as the lockout ends and teams are once again allowed to sign players, coaches, and conduct the general business of the NFL.

Izzo, 36, is a three-time Pro Bowler who held the record for most special teams tackles for an active player. Just getting a shot of his enthusiasm and grit on the sideline would automatically improve a kickoff coverage and punt coverage that finished a respective next-to-last and last in the league last season.

The punt coverage allowed the league's second-worst average at 14.9 yards, and gave up two touchdowns.

Izzo has 14 years of experience between the Dolphins, Patriots, and Jets, and was one of the stars of an undefeated New England team the Giants beat in Super Bowl XLII.

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