Giants Re-Sign Bradshaw

With the free agent market drying up, Ahmad Bradshaw re-signed with the Giants Monday to keep the backfield intact. Contract was four years, $18 million, with $9 million guaranteed.

Now, if he can only solve his fumbling problem.

At least Ahmad Bradshaw will have plenty of time to work on that now that he re-signed Monday for four years, $18 million ($9 million guaranteed) with the Giants, just a couple of hours after Atlanta backup Jason Snelling visited with team officials.

Bradshaw's re-signing, albeit under pressure, was a happy occurrance for a team that needed another solid running back option next to Brandon Jacobs. The minor paycut the Giants gave Jacobs in a contract restructuring -- ostensibly to clear cap room to sign Bradshaw -- was to find just such a player. And for a split second, it appeared that player might have been Snelling, who backed up Michael Turner and Warrick Dunn in his four years in Atlanta.

Bradshaw had been looking for a deal similar to the six-year, $43 million contract the Panthers gave D'Angelo Williams. But it was obvious the Giants weren't going to play in that ballpark, so they told Bradshaw to look around.

What the 1,235-yard, eight-touchdown rusher found was a fast-dwindling market. His initial target was Miami, but that went out the window when the Dolphins traded for former Saint Reggie Bush. He was planning on visiting Cincinnati, but that became moot when the Bengals re-signed Cedric Benson.

Washington was also a target until they traded for Arizona's Tim Hightower.

And once the Giants brought Snelling in, it quickly became apparent to Bradshaw that his best offer would come from the Giants.

Now, Bradshaw can get back to the business of football -- and holding onto the football. His seven fumbles cost him his starting job last season. But if he can conquer those demons, the Giants will have their featured runner back for an economical salary.

Bradshaw should be on the field Thursday, the first day free agents can work.

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