Reese comments on draft selections

Reese's Read Director of Player Personnel Jerry Reese shares his thoughts with TGI on New York's 11 draft picks.

Reese's Read Director of Player Personnel Jerry Reese shares his thoughts with TGI on New York's 11 draft picks.

William Joseph was projected to be a top 15 pick. We were really surprised he dropped that far. He's a size/speed guy and he's strong. He has natural strength and natural leverage. We're happy to get him. He's going to work very nicely in our defensive line rotation.

We wanted some speed to come off the edge and Osi gives us that. We had a couple scouts work him out. Steve Verderosa worked him out and timed him at 4.75. Joe Collins timed him at 4.6. A bunch of scouts had him at 4.6. The kid can really run. The thing he has that we really like is that speed off the edge. He's raw; he doesn't have an extensive background. But he has that number one thing you really want - speed off the edge.

Shiancoe is very athletic, fast and has very good hands. And he's strong. This kid did 28 reps at the combine. He's going to make a nice, complementary receiver to [Jeremy] Shockey. Teams are going to have to balance up and play us honest. They're not going to be able to double-team one guy when we go with two tight ends. They're not going to just be able to put a linebacker on this kid and expect to cover him.

Babers is a little big man. He's short, but he's not small. He weighs close to 200 pounds. He has long arms for a short guy. He can jump. He has a 37-inch vertical jump. We like him to be able to compete for the nickel and dime spots.

David Diehl is a big, strong guy who can play guard or tackle. He can give us some versatility on the line. We really like him. He's big, he's strong and he's smart. You just look at him; he's surprised a lot of people just by how big he is. We're looking forward to him competing for a starting job.

David Tyree is going to make our team first as a special teams player. He has a lot of tackles on special teams. He's a special teams demon type of guy. But he catches the ball well. He's not a dead stall as a receiver. We're looking forward to him competing for the fifth [receiver] spot and making it as a special teams guy.

Willie Ponder has explosive speed. He's raw coming out of Southeast Missouri. He was the player of the year in that conference and had a lot of production. This kid has home run speed. He's a tough-minded kid. He'll play on special teams and play tough. He's a fast receiver with some vertical speed. We clocked him at 4.44.

Frank Walker is a kid who's a little taller than Babers. But he's much faster than Babers. We timed him at 4.40. Again he had a low level of competition and he's raw. But the common denominator is speed. We're looking forward to him also competing at that nickel spot and playing on special teams.

Drake is a safety prospect from Michigan. He has size and speed. He's more of a strong safety type. He's not a guy you want to play deep centerfield or deep hash. He's more of an in-the-box strong safety. He's a physical, tough guy. He has speed to play on special teams.

Lucier is another big guy who gives us flexibility. He can play center or guard. He's smart, big and strong. He gives us some movement as far as the guys we have. He can come in and play at those spots. We had him rated pretty high. We like him to compete for a spot too.

Walter doesn't have the great speed like Ponder and some of those guys, but this guy has flypaper hands. He catches everything. He's the big, prototype tough possession receiver. You have to play on special teams now and this kid can do that. He's tough-minded. He'll have a shot to make it. There's going to be a lot of competition at the receiver spot.

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