Jones Getting Attention

Rookie Greg Jones garnered some praise at middle linebacker after the preseason opener. But he'll have to step it up against Chicago on Monday?

When the Giants plucked Greg Jones in the sixth round of the draft this April, they picked one of Michigan State's most prolific tacklers.

So it was no surprise that, against Carolina, he showed up on tape with one tackle and an overall solid outing in his limited time in the base defense behind Jonathan Goff and second-year player Phillip Dillard.

"He did a good job and showed signs of things going forward," coach Tom Coughlin said.

That doesn't amount to a challenge for the starting job, of course. Jones has a long way to go before that happens. But if he continues his work at MLB and plays solid specials, as he also did against Carolina, he could be looked upon as a viable spot option.

But even Jones knows the work has only just begun, despite a strong training camp so far.

"Got to get used to the flow more -- when you jump in kind of late you're not aware of the flow exactly," Jones said. "The one thing I do like is the excitement around it, you're living out your dream, you're playing in your first NFL game and I feel it's going to be even more exciting this week coming up.

"Every day you always have to prove yourself, especially for somebody in my position. I'm trying to get more playing time, trying to let the coaches and my teammates know I can play. I may not get those 'oohs' and 'ahs,' but at least on film they see it."

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