Expect Rams To Bring Heat

Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride expects the Rams to bring the heat on Eli Manning Monday. Of course he does. Steve Spagnuolo comes out of the Philadelphia Eagles school of defense.

Kevin Gilbride knows what's coming with the Rams' defense Monday night.

Plenty of heat, from all over.

And what else would you expect from St. Louis coach Steve Spagnuolo? The former Giants defensive coordinator, who turned them from a read-and-react sieve to a hustling, turnover-creating unit that won the Super Bowl in 2007, has brought the same mindset to the Gateway city. And Gilbride, who practiced his unit against Spagnuolo's for two years, knows what the offense can expect.

"He is a part of the Philadelphia system," Gilbride said. "The Jim Johnson family. And he is one of those guys so they have all grown under Jim Johnson and it is unquestionably predicated on pressure and pressuring the ball.

"Like many teams in the league, their style is similar to many people that employ that philosophy, that old Philadelphia system because that is what it is."

None of this should come as comforting news to Manning, who is trying to rebound from a pressure-filled game against the Redskins. He had an interception returned nine yards for a touchdown in that one, and was sacked four times.

Even when he had time, he didn't look great throwing the ball. But now he can expect an increase in pass rush, especially since the battered Rams will be trying to compensate for coverage weaknesses caused by injuries to cornerbacks Ron Bartell and Bradley Fletcher.

Could be time for a heavy dose of Brandon Jacobs, who carried just six times last week for 29 yards. The Giants had just 75 yards total on the ground.

The fact that the Eagles rushed for 237 yards against St. Louis last week didn't impress Jacobs, however.

"Most of it came from a quarterback that drops back in the pocket, looks at the hole, has five seconds, and he runs through it," Jacobs said. "You can't look at that. I don't take anything away from Vick and what he did, but it's a tad bit easy to get rushing yards as a running quarterback than it is as a running back."

The Giants may have to try to mimic that, however. Jacobs, too, knows that pressure is the name of Spagnuolo's game. And the way to beat the blitz is to run.

"Yeah. No question," Jacobs said. "He got a lot of work in with the safeties. They do a lot of blitzing. They do a lot of sam-strong-safety, a lot of mike-sam, they do a lot of the same stuff our defense did when he was here.

"We know it's an effective defense because it took us to the Super Bowl. We know what kind of problems that they can cause for you."

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