Win Is Nice, But Receiving Corps Is In Bind

Mario Manningham thought he had a neck injury, but it was really a concussion. And Domenik Hixon injured his calf and knee. And the receivers beat goes on.

The way things go this week with Mario Manningham and Domenik Hixon will determine whether the Giants go into Philadelphia next Sunday with all their ammo, or whatever passes for it in this depleted receiving corps.

Both receivers were hurt in the same series, with Manningham taking a blow to the neck on his juggling catch 31-yard catch to the Rams' 22, and Hixon banging his calf and knee on the very next play as he reeled in Eli Manning's two-minute drill-capping 22-yard touchdown pass before the half.

It's too early to tell whether either will be available for next week. But, given the way the Giants' injury situation has gone so far, why assume the best? So, taking a worst-case scenario where both receivers miss out, what will the Giants' receiving corps look like at The Link?

Hakeem Nicks. Fine. Big-play guy. Caught his first touchdown pass of the season on a beautiful snatch-grab around Bradley Fletcher and finished with three for 15 yards. No problem there.

Brandon Stokley. Thought he played a nice game in drawing a pass interference call downfield. He may be 35 years old, but he has the potential to get the job done as long as he progresses in the system. Still, not a huge threat that will have the Eagles' secondary quaking.

Victor Cruz. Uh-uh. Raw. Green. Prone to mistakes.

Jerrel Jernigan. Rookie.

Devin Thomas. More kickoff returner than receiver.

Travis Beckum. Yeah, sure. If he ever gets back on the field. And even then, how long will it be before that hamstring goes "Boing!" again?

Bear Pascoe and Jake Ballard? Eh.

So you see Tom Coughlin's problem. They're a no-hands team right now. When a guy you just signed a week ago becomes your second receiving option, you've got problems.

And, undoubtedly, the equally banged-up Eagles will be licking their chops and watching that injury report. Think of Manningham and Hixon as the detonators to whatever explosiveness the Giants have in the passing game right now. Take them away, and the Giants become just a pack of empty charges.

Playing in Philly is hard enough. To go in with a bunch of duds could make it impossible.

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