Umenyiora Makes Trip, Ready To Go

The heat factor on Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb just jumped up a notch with news that Osi Umenyiora made the trip westward.

The Giants' pass rush, already solid behind Jason Pierre-Paul and Justin Tuck, just increased its potential Saturday.

DE Osi Umenyiora made the trip to Arizona.

And, unless something untoward happens to that arthroscopically-repaired left knee on the plane flight over, it looks like the pass-rusher is going to play. Tom Coughlin didn't bring him along for moral support, after all.

Whether Umenyiora starts or plays in a rotational role remains to be seen. But it is obvious now that he's going to see some field time, which means the combination of Umenyiora, Pierre-Paul, and Justin Tuck -- the latter also made the flight despite neck and groin problems, and is expected to play -- will be positioned to put considerable heat on Arizona quarterback Kevin Kolb.

The former Eagles backup has been an inconsistent passer, anyway. And if the Giants can get a few bodies in his face, he may be reduced to handing the ball off. And that will become that much more difficult with the uncertain status of RB Beanie Wells and his aching hamstring.

The Cards' lack of backfield depth -- Chester Taylor is old and inexperienced in the system, and LaRod Stephens-Howling is battling a hand injury -- could make things awfully easy for the Giants, providing CB Aaron Ross steps up the way he did last week in Philadelphia and Antrel Rolle keeps his emotions in check.

The only two players who didn't make the flight were WR Brandon Stokley and CB Prince Amukamara. That means WR Mario Manningham (concussion) will once again be in the starting lineup, as will WR Hakeem Nicks (knee).

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