Cruz In The Clear

The day after the Giants' comeback victory against the Cardinals was saved on a non-call on an apparent fumble after Victor Cruz' fourth-quarter catch, Tom Coughlin agreed with the on-field decision. So, apparently, did the NFL.

Want to argue that Victor Cruz flipping the ball away after his late fourth-quarter catch was indeed a fumble?

Tom Coughlin says you'll have to talk to the Cardinals about that. He's sticking by the officials' on-field decision that said Cruz had given himself up and that the play was dead.

"You'd better ask the Cardinals," he said. "I think, as we all looked at the course of the game, you point to one or two things but you know in the course of a game you have many opportunities. Just as no one individual wins or loses a game, there probably isn't just one play. What I would just say about it is that was one of many."

The replay showed that Cruz might have gotten away with one. And by extension, the Giants got away with one as Eli Manning hit Hakeem Nicks for 29 yards and the winning touchdown the next play.

"I don't see how you could call it any other way," Coughlin said.

When asked again how he felt about the non-call, Coughlin closed the matter. Probably wisely.

"You're not going to get anymore out of me on this one," Coughlin said. "I'm standing by the way the rule was interpreted by the officials. And if you look at the way that play took place, there's no question he was giving himself up, he was headed back to the huddle. I don't know how you could call it anything else."

One can easily assume that the coach might not have been as friendly to the officials had they ruled the other way. But that's football. Funny things happen -- or don't happen -- sometimes to change the course of a ballgame.

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