Lots of Head Scratching The Day After

Tom Coughlin couldn't help but scratch his head over some of the miscues in the Giants' 36-25 loss to Seattle on Sunday.



Oh, yeah. And a lot more emotions ran through the Monday morning-after post-mortem to the Giants' 36-25 loss to the Seahawks.

The penalties, the turnovers, and one coverage blown sky-high that produced Seattle's go-ahead touchdown with 2:37 left in the fourth quarter all had Tom Coughlin scratching his head, and probably doing a lot more as the film progressed.

"I still say the one obvious fact, which needs to be said, you're not going to play that kind of football and win," Coughlin said. "It just doesn't happen. We gave ourselves a chance at the end of the game to win the game. If you look at those two sequences where offensively we get the ball at the seven, we have an illegal procedure penalty. We get the ball at the five, we get an illegal procedure penalty. On the one hand we take the field goal.

"The un-timeliness of some of the circumstances that took place in the game – in the first half, just noting the fact that we did cause and recover two fumbles, that they were relatively close. Then we had an interception that set up our tying touchdown. We thought we came out at the half in good shape with the kickoff return, it's a touchback. First play is a holding penalty. We continue to shoot ourselves in the foot.

"The oldest axiom in the world is you have to first keep from beating yourself before you can expect to beat the other guy. We didn't do that."

The most frustrating moment undoubtedly came on that blown coverage. The Giants were in the lead, and a stop at any point in that seven-play, 80-yard drive would have led to a field goal at worst, and probably a punt.

Instead, with the ball at the Giants' 27, Charlie Whitehurst let loose a throw for Doug Baldwin -- and Aaron Ross just stopped dead, yards away from him, leaving Baldwin wide open for the easy catch and an easier saunter over the goal line.

Coughlin said he didn't think Ross, or anybody else, heard a whistle. So why the defense stopped covering is anybody's guess.

"I think we just failed to continue to play and take the guy down the seam because they thought the play was over," Coughlin said. "Don't ask me how. There's nobody making any excuses about that. They realized that they should have played the play.

"In order to win, you have to maintain your poise, you have to be disciplined. You have to be able to be in that frame of mind to know, 'Hey, guess what guys, the game's on the line and the ball is right here.'"

The penalties at inopportune times, like the illegal procedure call that forced Eli Manning into the air on the penultimate possession, allowing Brandon Browner to return it 94 yards for the TD, combined with missed blocks up front to make for an inconsistent, self-defeating day.

"Obviously, there were too many mistakes," Manning said. "It came down to kind of a weird play, a slip and a tipped ball. But I never felt we lost our confidence. I think we felt that we were going to be able to win that game. No one had any doubt. Just too many bad plays that prevented us from winning."

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