Jacobs Stirring The Pot

Brandon Jacobs said in a Men's Fitness magazine piece that he doesn't expect to be a Giant after his contract runs out in 2012.

Brandon, Brandon, Brandon.

You just knew Brandon Jacobs' continued part-time role behind Ahmad Bradshaw would get his mouth going eventually, didn't you?

Well, it has. On the pages of Men's Fitness magazine, Jacobs claims that his role as Bradshaw's backup will probably lead to his departure from the Giants after the 2012 season, the final year of his current contract.

Leave it to Jacobs. The Giants aren't halfway through 2011, and he's already projecting, apparently unaware or uncaring of the fact that the fortunes of a career could turn on the twist of an ankle or a shot to the knee.

Given Brashaw's history of tender feet and ankles, it's a wonder Jacobs would even look so far into the future. But there it is, in black and white, just in time for Sunday's mega-trap game against the 0-6 Miami Dolphins.

"Well, (Bradshaw) is not being used as much as he can be, either," said Jacobs as he prepared to jump back into action after missing two games with a swollen left knee. "It's a very confusing thing. I'm just here, doing the best that I can do to help my team.

"I come out to win; it's up to them whether or not they want to use me. I just can't wait to get a true opportunity to get out there and show myself again, you know? Next year, hopefully. This is a business and you have to look at it that way. I just want to get out there and show myself. It's going to have to be for another team, but it is what it is. It comes with the territory."

Jacobs has no ill-will with Bradshaw, whom he considers a little brother. But the bruiser has always considered himself a lead back, and has bristled publicly since his relegation behind Bradshaw last season.

Things haven't improved much for him this year, either. He has just 116 yards and two TDs in 38 carries. And it doesn't help that he's coming off a sprained MCL.

Still, he's planning to be in there Sunday against the floundering Dolphins.

"I'm back in the lineup Sunday, hopefully," Jacobs said in the interview. "I feel good and I don't know what their plans are at this point. I'm just going out there and do what I can do no matter what the hell their plans are. My plans are to be out there though."

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