Might Prince Play Vs. Eagles?

First-round cornerback Prince Amukamara practiced without a limp for the first time since he broke his foot in August. This could be the week he makes his debut, and not a moment too soon.

Tom Coughlin has been hoping since August that someday his Prince will come.

That day may finally be here. Prince Amukamara, the Giants' first-round cornerback from Nebraska, practiced fully Thursday for the first time since breaking his foot his first day in training camp in August.

And while nobody would ever mistake Coughlin for Snow White, the coach will be just as happy as that animated character was to see Prince in action. That could happen as soon as Sunday night against the Eagles, not a moment too soon.

With linebacker Michael Boley out and cornerback Aaron Ross questionable with respective hamstring and a bruised thigh, the defense goes in decisively undermanned. But Amukamara, who just received clearance to practice full-out, could plug at least one gap in the nickel defense if starter Ross can't go.

Coughlin said Amukamara will have to prove he can assimilate himself to the defense first.

"He has to prove that part but he seems like he has not had a problem with that part," Coughlin said.

Beggars can't be choosers,though. With the Eagles' passing game still formidable despite the absence of Jeremy Maclin -- Jason Avant, a just-reinstated DeSean Jackson, and tight end Brent Celek are deadly receivers, and former Giant Steve Smith is pulling his weight -- Amukamara may become a necessary option.

So the Giants can definitely use Amukamara, even in a limited role. The fact that he ran around without a limp Thursday was all the more indication that it is time to throw the first-rounder into the fire.

"I've been getting more reps in practice, and I'm sure they don't want to waste those reps," Amukamara told the media. "I am just practicing and preparing like I am going to be playing this week. It really is looking promising this week so I am excited."

Meanwhile, Ahmad Bradshaw hasn't ruled himself out of playing Sunday despite continuing to miss practice with a cracked bone in his foot. He reported excellent progress and a cessesion of pain, but it's more likely he'll come back next week against New Orleans.

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