Fewell Irate Over No-Show Defense

Perry Fewell doesn't do a lot of yelling in public. But he probably gave his defensive unit a good tongue-lashing after viewing the tape of Monday's defensive no-show in New Orleans. He only hopes the effort is better against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers this Sunday.

Perry Fewell is irate, for good reason.

Just days after he watched his defense get sliced, diced, and ultimately lay down against Drew Brees in that debacle in New Orleans, he was still ripping mad over an apparent lack of effort.

"It was so disappointing from my perspective as I watched it on Monday and then watched it the next day," Fewell said. "It was one of those games that you wanted to bury. The energy level and what we did, it baffled me. It baffled me. You are supposed to have answers, but sometimes you can't explain something like that."

Heaven knows, if the Giants' defense comes up with a similar effort as the Saints' 577 total yards against a volatile, Rodgers-led offense that averages nearly 35 points per game, the home crowd will have plenty to boo about. In addition, the Giants will have fallen to 6-6, and dangerously close to postseason elimination, heading into their first of two division games against NFC East-leader Dallas next week.

Fewell can only hope things pick up. But that won't be easy as Osi Umenyiora is out, perhaps for the next month, with a bad ankle, and LB Michael Boley is only iffy for Sunday. Having veteran linebacker Chase Blackburn back might help leadership-wise, but Blackburn hasn't played this year. So his on-field presence could be limited.

If nothing else, though, he expects the Giants to keep playing. Seeing a veteran like Corey Webster pull up and give up on Mark Ingram's final touchdown run really set off the defensive coordinator.

"No doubt - and that was disheartening," he said. "As me being the coach and the leader of the defense, that was disheartening. When I say it was disheartening, it was disappointing more so than it was disheartening because we don't coach that.

"We don't coach pulling up short and we're not going to accept pulling up short. So we won't pull up short again."

Fewell would like nothing better than to see his defense put a couple of knocks on Rodgers. But he said it's going to take some will to do it, something the Giants didn't show in New Orleans.

"Sometimes, you have to will yourself to win," Fewell said. "You can't always scheme an opportunity for them to come free. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you just have to beat a double-team.

"I've seen that many times. Some of our guys are able to beat double-teams and we just haven't been doing that."

If they don't start now, it's going to be an awfully ugly final month of the season.

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