Cruz and Rolle "Guarantee" Playoffs

Gotta love the week after a big win when some players get excited over a potential playoff spot. Victor Cruz and Antrel Rolle were two such players.

Victor Cruz and Antrel Rolle have taken the energy of Sunday's wild victory in Dallas and transferred it to the airwaves.

Now they have to back up their words, which won't be easy.

Cruz, the wide receiver wunderkind who has taken MetLife Stadium by storm, basically guaranteed the 7-6 Giants a playoff spot on Chris "Mad Dog" Russo's show on Sirius XM Radio Tuesday.

Asked is gut feeling about the playoffs, Cruz said, "Yes, we will be in the playoffs." And when the Mad Dog asked him if that was a guarantee, Cruz responded, "Uh, yeah."

Cruz may be in the best position to make such a guarantee because he's part of an offense that has played at its highest level of the season the past two games. Given the troubles of the defense, the Giants' fate rests in the hands of Eli Manning's group, and Cruz has become a major part of it.

While certainly brazen, Cruz was at least realistic about how the Giants' road to the postseason stacks up. Win the division, or go home.

"I think that's the only way we're going to be able to get in, is to win the division," Cruz said. Win these last three games and get in there."

For his part, Rolle all but guaranteed a win this Sunday over the Redskins, noting that after Washington beat them in the opener, he said that if the Giants played them 100 times, the Giants would win "99 of them."

"I don't plan on losing to the Redskins," Rolle said. "I'm going to be honest with you. I'm not guaranteeing a victory, I'm not doing any of that, we got to play the game come Sunday, but I'm very, very confident in this team and very, very confident we're going to get the job done, go out there and bring it, bring it the way the New York Giants know how to bring it."

If the defense indeed accomplishes that, especially late in the game against a good running attack and a surprising effective Rex Grossman, it will be the first time in a long time. And Rolle admitted that the heat is on the defense to shore up the blown coverages and shortcomings against the run as the Giants make a push for the NFC East title.

"Our offense has been outstanding, they've been saving us," Rolle said. "I can't speak enough of how impressed I've been with the offense all year long, they've been saving us. The defense hasn't been getting the job done, which is unacceptable."

A win Sunday would make the Christmas Eve showdown with the Jets monumental. It's up to the Giants to carry over the momentum from the huge victory over the Cowboys.

Cruz and Rolle showed they can do it with their mouths. Now they have to do it on the field.

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