Jacobs rejuvinates Giants

As Ahmad Bradshaw struggles with his foot and his curfew clock, Brandon Jacobs has become the lynchpin of the Giants' ground game.

Guess Brandon Jacobs isn't finished after all.

With 101 yards and two touchdowns last week, he's proved he can get his big body going. And with Ahmad Bradshaw working at limited capacity with his sore foot, Jacobs could become ever more important to the running game over these last three games.

Even Tom Coughlin had to admit that Jacobs has transformed himself into the once-bulldozing rusher he was before the injuries stacked up.

"It's a good one," Coughlin said. "It's a solid one. It's a look out, physical. It's tough. Nobody wants to hit that guy running like he's running other than they have to. It's the right message and when you see him north and south as hard as he can go and the pile's going forward, we're all cheering."

Having broken Tiki Barber's record for most career rushing touchdowns (55), Jacobs, with 56 after his two-touchdown game last week in Dallas, appears to have built up some steam for the colder upcoming weather.

Building on that record will probably provide extra motivation.

"That is something that I had my eye on since Week One really," Jacobs said. "I wanted to do that and it is always good to be in the record books and have an opportunity to be mentioned down the line. That is something for your kids to see."

The overall improvement of the running game needs to continue, however. With the Redskins' tough defense, they'll have to keep the front seven off Eli Manning with a good running game, something that didn't happen in the season-opener.

And Jacobs, it appears, is going to be more of a major part in that than Bradshaw right now.

"I thought we started to run a little bit better against Green Bay and I thought it was continued improvement in this game," offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride said. "We don't have huge stats, but I'm looking for consistency. I thought for the most part we got that. Brandon, I thought, was running with a lot of energy, a lot of power. So it was good to see."

Said Jacobs, "It was a good feeling. I try to take advantage of the opportunity and run hard when I can let my ability take over. That is when things are fun."

If the Giants want to keep things fun, they'll need a good performance from the ground game this week. And Jacobs will be the guy.

"I felt good about how things worked out last week," Jacobs said. "We just have to keep going. We have three tough games coming up and three of the same defenses as well. They are all physical and they all play hard. It is going to be a dog fight."

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