Giants Pass Rush Ready To Go

Kenny Phillips said the Giants haven't had a meaningful sack in a while, but the front seven is ready to go. And that could mean a turnover or two for the secondary.

Kenny Phillips is starving this week.

Heading into the Christmas Eve game with the Jets, a do-or-all-but-die scenario for both teams, he feels the Giants' defense is finally ready to do some damage to their trash-talking locker room neighbors.

"We haven't gotten sacks in a while," Phillips said. "But we still have a great pass rush and they're ready to get after it. I like our matchups, I like our chances, and I think we'll be successful."

The Giants had better be, lest the wildly inconsistent Mark Sanchez shred an eminently shreddable secondary with Santonio Holmes and Plaxico Burress. Burress, in fact, said this week that he thinks he'll score multiple touchdowns against the team he helped to the franchise's third Super Bowl title in 2007.

The secondary has been anything but impressive over the entire season as it suffered from injuries and communication problems. But if they are ever finally going to put it together, now is the ideal time. And not because the Jets have been yakking their way through the week, either. This game means much more than bragging rights.

It's the biggest game in Giants-Jets history, with both teams fighting for their playoff lives.

Phillips said he noticed a bit more energy in the practices this week.

"You would think after losing five of the last six that guys would be down, but you can tell guys are really buying into it, buying in to the defense and into the whole Giants organization," Phillips said. "Practice has been crazy. Guys have been running around, just having fun. And I think that's something we have to get back to – having fun – and that's what we're doing. I'm really positive, I feel positive about this week."

As for all the noise coming out of Jets' camp, Phillips passed it off as Giants-Jets week.

"A player talking up his own team?" Phillips said. "What's the big deal? Happens all the time. For Antrel Rolle, it's a weekly ritual."

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