Manning Sick, But Could He Miss Game?

Eli Manning contracted what the Giants hope is a 24-hour bug and had to leave practice early. But does that mean he'll miss Sunday's NFC Championship game in San Francisco. Bet here is, not a chance.

Something strange happened to Eli Manning Wednesday.

He had to leave practice early, not because of some strain or sprain, but because he apparently contracted a stomach virus.

The Giants, of course, hope it's just a 24-hour thing. Indeed, there is evidence of hope because Manning stuck around for the post-practice meetings despite feeling sick. Even though he was added to the injury report, it's unlikely we'll see David Carr at the controls Sunday in San Francisco.

As DE Dave Tollefson said, "They've probably got some special virus killer that only Eli Manning can use. I'd be sick for two weeks. He'll be good tomorrow."

As durable as Manning has been throughout his career -- his 119-game regular-season playing streak ranks tops among active quarterbacks -- it's unfathomable to think this would keep him from playing in a game where a win would give him in his second Super Bowl appearance.

Still, no sense in taking chances. Guard Chris Snee said he'd get some soup to his quarterback. Guess here is that it'll be chicken soup, since that cures everything from the common cold to the bubonic plague.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Bradshaw (foot) was the only player to miss practice entirely. LB Mark Herzlich, out since November with a sprained ankle, made his first appearance since then in drills, taking limited work.

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