All In, All Business For Giants

The Giants are sticking to a "Business as Usual" attitude for Super Bowl week in Indianapolis. And why not?

Antrel Rolle said exactly what everybody was thinking after the Giants touched down Monday afternoon in Indianapolis to start the formal week of Super Bowl XLVI.

"You have to keep your eye on the prize and understand that this is a business trip," he told the gathered media at the Giants' opening press conference. "We're not here for fun. We're not here for anything but to take care of the Patriots on Sunday night."

Indeed, the Giants have come to this city, where outside lures like a beach-side night-clubbing scene and hot babes in bikinis won't be a distraction, with a business attitude in mind.

They held a special teams meeting before they boarded the buses in East Rutherford to drive to their charter. Their dress, unlike the "Men In Black" garb they wore heading into Super Bowl XLII two years ago, was a varied color mix of business suits.

They will have a midnight curfew until Saturday, when it moves to 11 p.m.

And if their coach has anything to do with it, there will be no Tom-foolery between now and kickoff.

That became apparent during last week's practices.

"I think it hit us early," Justin Tuck said. "You could tell (in the past few practices) guys elevated their passion for the sport because we were headed to the Super Bowl. We knew where we were going."

They're there now. And every effort was made to keep things as normal as possible. Even Eli Manning said he won't visit with his brother Peyton, choosing instead to communicate by phone.

"I'm going to keep my normal routine," Manning said.

Super Bowl week has begun for the Giants.

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