CB Thomas ready to 'shock a lot of people'

New York Giants defensive back Terrell Thomas has endured significant knee injuries the past two training camp. Now with most critics doubting his ability to come back from consecutive ACL injuries, Thomas is ready to prove those skeptics wrong and show that he can still be a productive player in the NFL.

With training camp on the horizon, Terrell Thomas is hoping to escape without injury this time around. Thomas, who last played in 2010 for the Giants, had a career season that year. He led the team in tackles, interceptions and was Big Blues best defensive back.

The New York Giants are also hoping that Thomas proves the naysayers wrong, because of the problems they have in their secondary this past season. The Giants issues stem from sub-par play by cornerback Corey Webster who was picked apart by opposing quarterbacks and wide receivers last season. There's still uncertainty as to how Prince Amukamara, who was the Giants first round pick in 2011 will play this upcoming season. So far Thomas has been rehabbing and feels that his knee is better than ever.

"I've been progressing every week and each week I get better and faster and stronger, so it's just a progression." Thomas has said in an interview. Thomas was also asked about if he is concerned about his knee and he said "No. Not at all, to be honest with you. I'm able to do everything. It's more just about getting comfortable and trusting myself without hesitating, without thinking and just reacting and I'm almost there."

Thomas' health will not only be a factor as a cornerback but overall in the whole secondary unit.

"It's all about getting healthy and getting on the field and contributing in any way and if that's a leadership role, that's a safety role, nickel, corner, kickoff, whatever; I'll do whatever I've got to do," said Thomas.

New York's maligned defensive back has refused to let the knee injuries impact his play on this field.

"You've got to motivate yourself and at the same time we have a great group of guys and when I'm walking back over they're always saying ‘I see you working' and vice-versa," noted Thomas. "So it's very encouraging just to be around these guys, to workout with them and the extra stuff I've got to do on my own is just a part of my comeback."

Since having the two severe ACL injuries, analysts believe that Thomas' days of being a productive NFL player are over. Thomas on the other hand still believes he is a productive football player and can be a major contributor to the Giants 2013 season.

"I have to be realistic with myself knowing that I had two ACLs in one year and it's a long journey, but I'll be back and I'm going to shock a lot of people."

Practice Note:

Earlier this week, New York Giants wide receiver Hakeem Nicks showed up and participated in Giants mini-camp. According to reports from the New York Daily News, Nicks and New York Giants head coach Tom Coughlin have resolved any issues that were reported earlier about Nicks being absent from Giant OTAs.

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