Opinion: Victor Cruz's comments out of bounds

New York Giants wideout Victor Cruz took to twitter to express his frustration on the outcome of the George Zimmerman/Treyvon Martin trial. The star wideout later stated publicly that he took less money than he deserved when he signed his new contract. Find out why Cruz is tarnishing his reputation through these controversial remarks.

Last week, was not a great week for New York Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz. After signing a new long-term deal to remain with the Giants the week prior, Cruz made some remarks that he might be willing to take back now.

During an interview last week on Sirus XM's Radio show the "The Opening Drive", Cruz spoke out about how it was tough to accept the deal from the Giants. Cruz who has been the Giants best wide receiver the past two seasons, claimed he took a pay cut to stay with the Giants instead going out to get more money from another team. Cruz was quoted as saying that "I'm not going to lie, it's tough... When you understand from a numbers standpoint, and the numbers you put up you feel like you deserve a certain amount of money ... and you want your team to owe that to you."

During the interview, Cruz explained why he choose to stay in New York and take less money from the Giants instead of trying to get the contract that he thought he deserved from another team.

"You ask yourself, Would you want to play for this amount in New York and play in the best city in the world and play football?.... Or do you want to take a big payday and go somewhere like, you know, Kansas City or Minnesota, where your family might not be able to come as often as you want and you're living in a city you're not too familiar with and it's an adjustment for you?"

Those factors help the giants keep Cruz, but the star wideout's talking for the week didn't stop there.

After last weeks no- guilty verdict in the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin case, Cruz took to another social media platform to voice his displeasure. On his twitter account, Cruz tweeted out his disappointment on the non guilty decision that Zimmerman was handed by tweeting out a short of threatening message to Zimmerman.

"Zimmerman doesn't last a year before the hood catches up with him," the Giants WR tweeted. "Cruz would later delete the tweet and would then send out another tweet stating an apology he had for the content of his tweet."

From his comments on his contract to his controversial tweet against George Zimmerman, Cruz took a lot of heat from the media. Many football critics began to asumme Cruz to be the typical wide receiver premadanona. Several notable football analyst felt he was out of line for his comments and that it would hurt his fan base with the Giants and throughout the NFL as well. Other sports analyst felt Cruz didn't deserve more money and others even felt he didn't deserve that much money and incentives in his contract. Bringing up the point that Cruz might be overpaid and maybe even overrated?

Anyway you slice it, the comments Cruz made this past week, does not describe the fun, giving, and good natured person he has shown to be over his career . Now for Cruz, he must set this week aside and start focusing on football, which is fast approaching with Giants training camp starting up this Friday July 26.

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