The Giants Beat Notebook: Day 3

With the New York Giants kicking off their training camp this week, center David Baas, wide receiver Rueben Randle and linebacker Dan Connor talked about the state of the team and how they expect to contribute this upcoming season.

Interview with C David Baas

Center David Baas spoke to media about the rash of injuries that afflicted him last season and how healthy he feels during 2013 training camp.

"They have me on limited reps right now, but we'll manage that and there's nothing like getting back out to football and getting used to the things that you've done for a number of years," noted Boss.

Both Baas and linemate Chris Snee are dinged up and limited during practice sessions.

"I don't think it will be a problem," offered Snee. "Just because both of us… We're not out there wondering what's happening. We can still react the same way that we always have. We know the game plan. We know the offense."

New York's offensive lineman wasn't willing to disclose the full extent of his injuries from last year or talk about the surgeries he underwent this offseason.

I don't really like to talk about too much just because you see a lot of other people that talk about their injuries… My big thing is basically no matter how many surgeries or injuries I have I want to come out here. You've got to prove it every year.

Interview with LB Dan Connor

In his first year with the Giants, Connor is thrilled to be in the mix for the starting job and is a big proponent of Perry Fewell's defensive schemes.

"I'm so comfortable here and, just how they run the organization, it's a comfort level, it's a system I play better in," declared Connor. "I'm more of a 4-3 guy than a 3-4, which I was in last year, so I wanted to get back into that 4-3. I'm just more comfortable playing it."

According to Connor the middle linebacker job is up for grabs in camp.

"No one is ever comfortable with a job, noted Connor. "This linebacker position in particular, it's an open job, anyone can go for it. It's just who will excel and make plays."

Connor talked about his arrest last month at Philadelphia International Airport where he was detained for attempting to carry an illegal item past the security checkpoint.

"No, it didn't help at all," he stated. "It was a tough situation, kind of a misunderstanding at the airport. I was flying out to a wedding in Pittsburgh, a friend of mine's wedding, and I had a pocket knife in my bag that I didn't even know about. I hadn't seen it in over a year so I was a little shocked when they pulled it out. But it's something I have to deal with now. I was here all offseason, I was able to lay a foundation, hopefully the coaches got to know that that's not the kind of guy I am. But, you know, same thing. I'm responsible for it and I have to accept any punishments handed out.

Connor has been splitting reps with the first team and second team defense, while practicing with the special teams unit as well.

"Obviously, you want to go against the ones, try yourself against Eli Manning and see how you do, but, you know, where they put you, you have to do the best with that situation," admitted Connnor.

With Michael Vick and RG3 to contend with in the NFC East, Connor and the defense have been working on pursuing mobile quarterbacks.

"Obviously, you want to go against the ones, try yourself against Eli Manning and see how you do, but, you know, where they put you, you have to do the best with that situation," said Connor.

Interview with WR Rueben Randle

Following an up and down rookie season, Randle has developed a familiarity with the offensive system and is ready to play a more integral role, especially inside the red zone.

"Man, that's what they need me to do," said Randle. I've got a lot of skill sets that's going to help them, especially using my size… to go up and attack the ball so whatever they need me to do I'll be willing to do it."

Playing behind star wide receivers Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks on the depth chart, Randle is trying to soak up as much knowledge as he can and hopes that more opportunities come knocking.

"Right, I'm just learning from those guys and they're helping me to put me up so whenever the team needs me, calling me to make a play, I can go out there and make it," Randle said.

Hungry to contribute in any fashion, the former LSU standout is confident in his ability to help Big Blue win the field position battle.

"I feel like I can exploit the punt return, said Randle. "You know a lot of guys know it's the shorter guys that are usually back there but I feel like I can find a seam and hit it just like those guys can do also, so hopefully the coaches will see that as well. So if an opportunity comes, I'll try to show them."

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