Giants Will Hill speaks out on his suspension

There has been big news on the NFL front regarding players serving suspension for violating the league's substance abuse policy. One player is New York Giants' safety Will Hill, who was handed a four game ban for this season for violating the league's rule. Hill is dealing with his second suspension, and will face a bundle of questions and uncertainty about his role throughout training camp.

After a week since the NFL suspended him for violating the league's substance abuse policy, Will Hill spoke at Giants' training camp about his suspension and what it means for him moving forward with the New York Giants.

"Just going through a lot of stressful times through last season, and I failed a lot of drug tests." said Hill. "It carried over to this season. Just trying to fight it and obviously the league made the decision for this season."

Last season when Hill found out he tested positive for marijuana, he and the Giants took action to help clean him up by signing him for a drug rehabilitation center.

"The Giants helped me out a lot," noted Hill. "I wasn't here a lot for the spring practices. I was in Boston at a clinic where they helped me. I've also been going to an outpatient in Parsippany. I met a lot of people there, made some friends and some therapists that are on my team now and that will help me out with situations like that."

With the help Hill received from the aid of the Giants, also has help him mature and grow into a NFL player.

"It impacted a lot because I wasn't able to get around the team in the spring like I wanted to. But then I also had a lot of team support. They were keeping in contact with me and helping me out, especially when I got back. But it damaged a lot, because as a young player you want to get out there as much as you can and showcase as much as you can."

Now with his suspension behind him, Hill is trying focus on football, which will be tough during training camp because he will miss the first four games of the season.

"It's going to be hard, but I wouldn't say it's going to be a total distraction from what I need to do for this team," admitted Hill. "I know all the plays; I just need to keep at it. I would love to be out here to help this team and to help this organization win. I just have to root from the sidelines."

As for what his standing is with the Giants and the suspension, Hill has spoke to them about it this week. "I talked to my team and they just told me to keep moving forward and keep being positive," Hill said. "Just take the full suspension and leave it at that. Just don't have any more mishaps."

With training camp starting this past Friday, Hill has already seen the effects his suspension has had on the amount of playing time he is getting in practice.

"I definitely could take a lot more reps," he noted. "Yesterday the starters had maybe 23 reps and I had about 11 reps. I see that there is a drastic change." As for the question of his status for being a member of the Giants roster in 2013, Hill said "Yea, I think I'll be around."

Hill is in his second year with the Giants after playing 3 years of at the University of Florida and a season with the Arizona Rattlers, a member of the Arena Football League.

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