Henry Hynoski not ruling out Week One return

After going down with a serious knee injury during OTAs, New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski is still eying a Week One return. Find out what the young fullback had to say about his rehab and his journey back onto the field.

New York Giants fullback Henry Hynoski is currently in a predicament after tearing his MCL in his left knee during Giants OTA's. Hynoski who as been Big Blue's starting fullback the past two seasons, leaves the G-Men with a big hole to fill for the start of the 2013 season. Hynoski however, is working hard to return to the Giants' lineup for the first week of the season.

"Well, I'm going to do everything in my power to get back for the first game. That's my goal," said Hynoski during an interview at training camp Tuesday afternoon. "I want to just get back to playing football at the earliest possible date."

"Everything is going really well in rehab, making advances and strides every day," added Hynoski who is currently on PUP list for training camp.

Hynoski, who was a big key in the Giants success running the football since he took over as a starter in 2011, isn't happy standing on the sidelines during training camp.

"Well, now it's getting a little more frustrating and today is going to be tough because they're doing what I love to do today and that's hit," he said. "So today is going to be the hardest day to watch. I'm sure it's not going to get easier as camp goes on, but you know, I have an end goal in sight and that's what keeping me going now."

Since getting injured Hynoski has not let his focus off football and is using his injury as motivation to get back quicker to become a better player than he was before.

"When things like this happen to me I just use it as extra motivation," noted Hynoski. "I'm going to come back stronger from this than I ever have."

Since having his surgery, Hynoski has made some great strides to get back on the field quicker and his rehab is going ahead of schedule. Henry on his rehab said "Everything is going really well in rehab, making advances and strides every day.

"I'm just excited with my progress and I know that the trainers are happy with where I'm at too," mentioned Hynoski...."We're being aggressive in my rehab and haven't had any steps backward. We're going forward the whole time, so the trainers are happy with where I'm at, too, so I feel good about things."

Since Hynoski got injured, the Giants have been out on the free agent market looking to sign any good veteran fullback. For most of the past two months, the Giants were trying to sign All-Pro fullback Vonta Leach who just recently resigned with the Baltimore Ravens who cut him back in June. Recently the Giants signed free agent fullback Ryan D'Imperio and according to "NFLTradeRumors.com," are working out fullback Lawrence Vickers, who was recently cut by the Dallas Cowboys.

When asked if he is afraid of the Giants signing a veteran fullback and possibly losing his starting spot to that player, Hynoski said "When something like this happens, you know they're going to bring in somebody. That's just the way it goes. You can't concern yourself with worrying about that because the minute you do that is the minute that your focus goes away from rehab and doing that type of thing."

Right now Hynoski mind set is just rehabbing and try to get back to full strength as soon as possible saying "I feel good and I'm only going to get better. I've just got to keep rehabbing and working hard like I've been...I want to just get back to playing football at the earliest possible date." Hynoski would also add that "The positives are: I'm going to be back, I'm going to be healthy, that's all I'm looking forward to."

Hynoski has been the Giants starting fullback the past 2 season after being signed as an undrafted pick out of the University of Pittsburgh in 2011.

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