Coughlin attends Hall of Fame Enshrinement

This past weekend, the NFL held its annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony for the 2013 class. Many former and current NFL players and coaches attended the ceremony. New York Giants' head coach Tom Coughlin spoke about the importance of attending the ceremony and his expectations for Big Blue this upcoming season.

Canton, O.H.-- This past weekend the NFL held it's annual Hall of Fame induction ceremony for its 2013 class. Many former NFL stars like Cris Carter, Warren Sapp and head coach Bill Parcells were among three of this year's inductees.

With several stars inducted into the Hall of Fame, many former and current NFL coaches and players attended the ceremony. Tom Coughlin, the New York Giants head coach was one of the attendees who came to the ceremony and spoke about how special it was. "It was a very, very good experience from the standpoint that, you know when you listen to the honorees, those who have been inducted, their discussions are very much in recognition not only of their own ability, but all those who have contributed to their being in that spot," Coughlin said.

Coughlin spoke quite highly of the speeches of the inductees.

"When you listen to Cris Carter, or to Warren Sapp, towards the end of the evening there, they were really emotional," noted Coughlin. "They were very much, very emotional about being able to be there and to receive this incredible honor, so I thought that was great. And then I thought with Bill Parcells' talk, which was an outstanding talk, but what he did at the end when he talked about the locker room, that was a huge message there. Not only for athletics. For life, for the world that we live in."

Besides talking about the ceremony, Coughlin spoke about what Giants' fans would think was most important, how the team is looking through training camp is going so far. Coughlin talked about what he thought was good and what still needed work.

"Well, we're not where we need to be, that's for sure," said Coughlin. "Each day we make a little bit more progress. I thought our hitting was a little better in the 9-on-7 today than it was the other day. I told the players that, so I think a blind man can tell if a 9-on-7 is right. We're getting there, not quite there, but we're getting there."

Coughlin would then go on to talk about the linebacker position which is an area of concern for the Giants defense.

"We'll see what happens in a game," said Coughlin. "We've had certain drills that have been really good and then all of a sudden a couple times the ball went through today, which is not only the linebackers. You're so keyed into this idea of stopping the run that when the ball does go through there, it bothers me when it doesn't and it bothers me when it does." Since training camp started last week, Coughlin is still mixing in different personnel groupings on offense.

"Well, it was a lot of third down," said Coughlin. "There were a lot of adjustments according to the personnel that is going on the field with third down. You're going to get that."

Coughlin mentioned Justin Pugh, the Giants first round draft pick this year, and his recovery status since sustaining a concussion during last Friday's practice.

"Yeah, he felt a little better," admitted Coughlin. "Felt a little better. He came out and just really observed. Hopefully he will come along."

The Giants open up their preseason schedule against the Pittsburgh Steelers this Saturday in the Steel city.

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