Giants, Coughlin deal with several injuries

It's been almost two weeks since the New York Giants opened training camp and many Giants fans are wondering how the team is looking so far. On Wednesday, the media caught up with coach Tom Coughlin who spoke about how Big Blue handling a laundry list of injuries early. Read on to learn the latest news, notes and injury updates right here at The Giants beat.

New York Giants training camp is in full swing and in just three days the Giants will play their first preseason game on Saturday, August 10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers. As most Giants players prepare to play in Saturday's game, some are still rehabbing to get back on the field with their teammates.

One of those players is Jason Pierre-Paul (JPP) who is rehabbing from back surgery he underwent earlier this summer. Head coach Tom Coughlin spoke out about the state of injured Giant players including JPP's progress.

"He's done exactly what he's been asked to do, and I'd say he's making good progress," noted Coughlin.

Another injured Giants player who is on the PUP is defensive back Terrell Thomas. Thomas, who has suffered two straight season ending ACL injuries, led the team in tackles in the 2009 season. Coughlin talked about the process to get Thomas back on the practice field said

"Well, I think the major thing is to get him on the field, get him practicing, bring him along accordingly, and then let him indicate or show us," noted Coughlin. "I'm not speculating, he's here for a reason. He's been an outstanding football player, we think he can be again. Of course, we've got to get him on the field. So this is a good start, it'll be slow, but we'll get to that point."

On the brighter side, the Giants had a couple of players come off the PUP list for Tuesday's practice including wide receiver Hakeem Nicks. Coughlin was pleased with how Nicks looked at practice.

"I'm glad to see him out there working," Coughlin stated. "We didn't over-work him. He did a few reps, and if he's fine with that, I'm sure we'll extend more as we go forward."

Another player that came off the PUP list Tuesday was offensive lineman Chris Snee. Snee, who is a son-in-law of head coach Tom Coughlin, needs to get more practice time on the field in the eyes of his father-in-law.

"He needs work," Coughlin said of Snee. "He needs to practice. He needs to be up front with a guy not too far away, react quickly and make all the adjustments. So we all need practice. He's done it and he's done it very well, so he'll come along fast, but he does have to practice like everybody else."

Snee who also spoke about his return from the PUP list says he's where he expected to be playing wise.

"Yeah, pretty much," admitted Snee. "The other thing was just to, like I said, condition as hard as I could for that first week and see how it felt and make sure there were no setbacks, and I feel good and I'm comfortable with everything and they are, too, and get out there and do some work today."

Snee isn't the only injured offensive lineman. Giants first round pick offensive lineman Justin Pugh sustained a concussion in last Friday's practice.

"He's feeling better," Coughlin on Pugh's status right now said. "He was out today with his helmet on, and he was running on the side. Hopefully that's a good sign."

The Giants who open up their first preseason game in Pittsburgh Saturday night are hopeful to be more healthy heading into Dallas for the first week of the regular season.

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