Brandon Myers masters Giants' complex offense

After spending four seasons with the Oakland Raiders, tight end Brandon Myers had to make some major adjustments when he signed with the New York Giants. In only his first season with Big Blue, Myers is soaking it all up in advance of Saturday's preseason opener.

The New York Giants are back on the field getting ready to start a brand new season. This season like the past two, will have a new face playing the tight end position for Big Blue. Players like Martellus Bennett and Jake Ballard have had career seasons catching the ball from two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback Eli Manning. Now this year the Giants will hope for a similar result and they think they found that possible outcome in off season signing of Brandon Myers.

Myers, who has spent the last four years with the Oakland Raiders, signed with the Giants as a free agent in the offseason. Last year Myers had a career season with over 80 receptions which ranked No. 4 overall for tight ends in the NFL.

Now Myers is ready to become a great accustomed to the Giants offense and make an impact with the G-men.

"It's complex but it's good once you start to get things down, get on the same page, like I said, learn all the calls, but it's been good," explained Myers. "Like I said, we're out here practicing every day and trying to get the little things down".

With playing in a more of a West Coast offense with the Raiders last season, Myers is learning the new ways of the Giants more conventional pro style offense.

"We ran a lot of west coast offense, a lot of in the middle trying to find the holes in the zone, that's what they asked me to do," noted Myers. "This year Coach Pope obviously said ‘more in the seam,' stuff like that, ‘down the field' so whatever they ask me to do that's what I'll do." Myers, who is known more for his catching and route running abilities at the tight end position, says he is working to get better in the blocking game to become an every down tight end.

"Yeah, obviously that's something that I try to work on every day, trying to be an every down tight end," Myers said. "You know, I'm going against some bigger guys as a lot of tight ends are, just trying to work on that, like I said, so I can stay on the field." "Blocking, all aspects of the game, you know. If you're not going out there and improving every day, then you're not really doing your job as a professional." Myers will get his first shot to show how far he has come along in training camp when he makes his Giants debut against the Pittsburgh Steelers in their first preseason game. Myers understands what he will need to do in the preseason opener/

"To be successful and move the ball on offense," noted Myers. "We've been working out here for a few weeks or whatever… just the little things, obviously things are going to intensify as we go. Just move the ball, put some points on the board, and just grow with each other. You can practice all you want but once you get out there in the game, it's a little different, which will be good for us, especially for me, being my first year here." Myers, who came to the NFL out of the University of Iowa, will have his fourth different quarterback throwing him the football since he's been in the NFL. But with this quarterback being two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning, Myers isn't complaining. "It's been great," said Myers of working with Manning. "He's a proven winner, he has great command of the offense."

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