Justin Tuck ‘admires' Eli Manning for Rap Ad

After watching his soft-spoken quarterback appear in a zany Direct TV commercial, defensive end Justin Tuck shared his reaction with reporters on Tuesday.

Last week, a video went viral featuring New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning, elder brother Peyton and father Archie promoting Direct TV's NFL package known as "Football on your Phone". Big Blue's locker room had a field day watching and reacting to its quarterback's rap skills.

New York's defensive leader Justin Tuck shared his reaction to Manning's humorous ad.

"I saw it, I thought he was horrible," joked Tuck." "But it showed a lot of his moxie to actually do something like that. I mean Eli's a funny guy. You pair him with Peyton and then the cameo with Archie that was hilarious. We gave him a little grief about it, but honestly it was kind of admiration. It was funny, it was a clever ad and it's something that I'm sure for years to years to come that we'll continue to poke fun at."

The Direct TV commercial was the buzz at training camp, but with a week passing by since the ad hit the market, the Giants are gradually toning down the good-natured teasing of their star signal-caller.

"It's kind of died down to about two references a day," Tuck noted. "Compared to every time we saw him we were doing the ‘football on my phone'."

Injury Update:

Tuck is practicing with the team on Tuesday and says he plans to play in the Giants' second preseason game against the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday.

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