Henry Hynoski still uncertain for opener

New York's starting fullback recently met with reporters to discuss the rehab process.

The regular season is now just three weeks away from beginning and the Giants still don't know if last season's starting fullback Henry Hynoski will be ready in time to play in Week 1. Hynoski had surgery on his left knee and has been rehabbing ever since. Despite his hard work, there's still no guarantee that Giants fans will see Hynoski in action at the outset of the season

"I've been doing all my rehab inside but now I'm able to get out on the field here and do some different drills and stuff," said Hynoski regarding the rehab process, "We pick it up every day a little bit and I've just got to intensify over the next few weeks. I'm looking forward to getting back out on the field as soon as possible and playing some football."

With Hynoski unable to participate in offseason team activities and training camp this summer, the Giants picked up former Rutgers standout Ryan D'Imperio to work as a fullback in camp. However, D'Imperio has recently had a change of heart and retired.

"He just told me before right after he let the coaches know that he retired, his heart wasn't in it anymore," said Hynoski about his teammate, "You have to respect that, you can't play the game if your heart's not in it. Like I told the guys before, Ryan approached the game with a lot of class, a lot of intelligence; he did a great job for us while he was here."

While D'Imperio wasn't an all-star by any means, his presence gave the Giants a backup plan. Now it looks like it will be either Hynoski or backup tight end Bear Pascoe lining up at fullback in Week 1. Pascoe has experience playing fullback before, but the continued absence of Hynoski only builds on the list of Giants who are not at full health right now.

"It's just part of the NFL, it's just football in general, at any level there are going to be injuries," said Hynoski, "It's just a matter of doing the proper rehab, working through them. You've got the right guys in your corner helping you out so you can get back on the field at 100 percent when you're strong. We feel confident that all of these guys will be back here at some point and be major contributors to our football team like they always are. Just picking up right where they left off."

Until that happens, the Giants will have to be patient and hope that their reserve players can step up much like Stevie Brown did last season in the absence of Kenny Phillips. Hynoski, for his part, will keep working to get stronger every day.

"I'm going to do everything in my power, I'm very diligent in everything I do to get back on the field at the earliest convenience. Whenever that is, whenever that may be, I'll be ready and conditioned, ready to go."

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