Aaron Ross blinded by the lights

New York Giants cornerback Aaron Ross has a pair of tinted contact lenses that could have saved the team six points on Sunday night.

It was one of those crazy plays that would drive Giants fans crazy if it happened during the regular season. The Colts had a 2nd-and-3 on the New York 28-yard line late in the first quarter. Indianapolis quarterback Andrew Luck dropped back to pass and was quickly under pressure from Keith Rivers.

To avoid the sack, Luck threw to the right side, where he had his top receiver Reggie Wayne in one-on-one coverage against Giants cornerback Aaron Ross. Thanks to the pressure or perhaps a misjudgment by Luck, the pass was badly underthrown and Ross appeared to have a sure interception.However, when Ross went down to catch the ball, he bobbled it and tipped it into the air behind him. Instead of the Giants turning the Colts over, Wayne made a great catch in the end zone for an Indianapolis touchdown.

"It happened because the lights pretty much blinded me," explained Ross, "So I couldn't locate the ball anymore. I saw when he released it and I was ready to make an easy catch, but I couldn't find it anymore. I was just waiting for it to hit me in the chest so I could bring it in, but it fell into my hands, and it was one of those ones you pop up."

Ross told reporters after the game that he sometimes wears tinted contact lenses during games, but he didn't have them in today because he wasn't being asked to return punts. The lenses are non-prescription, but they are tinted to work like a visor or sunglasses and help Ross deal with the sun or the glare from stadium lights.

"I've been wearing them since I was at [The University of Texas]," said Ross, "They're kind of tinted, because I can't wear a tinted visor on my helmet, so I usually put the contacts in to block the sun or the light."

Now that Ross realizes that his contact lenses can help on defense and not just special teams, he's likely to wear them more regularly. If this was a regular season game, Ross's gaffe would be seen as a critical error and not a preseason goof.

"Now I'll be wearing them for sure," he said. That's good, because with injuries to key defensive players like Jason Pierre-Paul and Antrel Rolle, the Giants can't afford to just be giving their opponents six points.

"It's one of those things where you make the mistakes here and learn from them so you don't make them when it really counts," said Ross regarding the preseason, "We'll definitely be ready."

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