Giants' Cordle: Jets' defense gave us trouble

The New York Giants defense may have played well in the team's 27-24 preseason loss to the New York Jets on Saturday night, but when a team forces five turnovers and still loses a game, you know something went wrong with the offense.

Despite being jumpstarted by a brilliant 84-yard David Wilson touchdown run, the Giants' offense was never able to kick into high gear against the Jets. Quarterbacks Eli Manning and Curtis Painter combined to average just 4.6 yards per pass attempt while the running game gained 2.5 yards per carry if you take out Wilson's dash.

A big part of the problem happened along the line of scrimmage, where the Jets tried to overwhelm the Giants' interior lineman with blitzes that featuring twisting linebackers.

"It's tough when I'm covered and the guards are covered and then we still got to see linebackers and they're twisting," said Jim Cordle, who started the game at center because of David Bass's knee sprain.

"That's hard. We picked up a lot of it, but some of it gave us some trouble and a couple of times it was stuff that I haven't seen. But most of it we had seen. It was just we got to react a little bit faster."

The lack of familiarity with what the Jets are doing caused problem for the Giants in pass protection. The team's quarterbacks were sacked by the Jets four times in addition to an intentional grounding penalty that is just as good as sack. On that particular play, miscommunication was a problem for the offensive line.

"The box was loaded," said Cordle, "We had two plays where we just mis-communicated. I wasn't sure which way we were going and the guy came through clean."

"The problem is there's a couple of different ways we can pick it up. I thought we were going one way and we ended up going the other way. That was the one drive in the second quarter. We'll get it straightened out."

The Giants would do well to straighten out their pass protection, because the Jets aren't the only NFL team working with an exotic blitzing scheme. New York has a chance to win the NFC East if Manning is the best quarterback in the division, but it's impossible for him to deserve that distinction if he doesn't have time to throw.

Cordle and the team didn't look great on Saturday, but it's not as though the Giants haven't overcome setbacks before.

"I don't think this team ever panics," he said, "There are so many veterans on it that we expect to win every game."

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