Stevie Brown coming to grips with ACL injury

New York Giants safety Stevie Brown is talking with teammate Terrell Thomas about the recovery process after his season-ending ACL injury. In a contract year, Brown is maintaining a positive outlook on his career moving forward.

The scary thing about football is that a player's season can end on any given play. That's why general managers build on their teams' depth every offseason and why players and their agents fight with front offices for every cent of possible guaranteed money.

You don't have to tell the Giants about the impact injuries on a secondary. The team has lost Terrell Thomas for two seasons in a row due to knee injuries, and two weeks ago it saw starting safety Stevie Brown go down with an ACL tear.

"I've talked to [Thomas] a few times," said Brown, "I was asking him about the different type of surgeries that he's had and the different surgeons that he's had. Just the whole recovery process. I know me and him are going to get together some time this weekend and talk a little bit more as well."

Brown was hurt on a play that seemed routine. He intercepted a Geno Smith pass during the Giants' preseason game against the Jets and started running downfield. While trying to avoid being tackled, he twisted his knee.

"I was hoping it wasn't bad," said Brown. "There's been plenty of times I've been running and tweaked something and sat down for a second and just move your leg around and you're like ‘I'm fine' and you keep it moving. That's what I was hoping it was, but it was hurting a little longer than normal."

Later, the Giants found out that Brown would be out for the season with an ACL tear. Ryan Mundy, who was signed as a free agent in the offseason, will step into the starting lineup. Brown, on the other hand, may not play another game in a Giants uniform. He was playing in the final year of his contract.

"I wasn't even looking at it like that," said Brown about his contract situation, "I was just more focused on winning this year and definitely trying to get better."

The Giants will have to focus on getting better with Mundy, Sash (who is dealing with a concussion right now), and rookie fifth round pick Cooper Taylor at the safety position as we get closer and closer to Week 1.

"It's very disappointing," said Brown, "You work all summer getting ready for the season and just a freak accident like that to happen definitely sucks."

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