Coughlin refuses to 'talk backwards'

"Talking Backwards" – Tom Coughlin Speaks About the Loss to the Cowboys in Relation to the Upcoming Manning Brothers Showdown on Sunday


New York Giants Coach Tom Coughlin addressed the loss against the Dallas Cowboys and the team's preparation for their upcoming game against the Denver Broncos this Sunday. He took special notice to the addition veteran and long-time running back Giants Brandon Jacobs, the struggles with ball security of sophomore running back David Wilson and of course, two-time Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning.

"I don't know why we're talking backwards," the Giant's head coach told reporters this week.

Asked about his defense's performance this past Sunday Coughlin went on to explain that he was "very pleased" with their execution and explained aspects of last Sunday's game in relation to the upcoming game against Denver.

In their game against the Cowboys this past Sunday, the Giants suffered a tough loss of 36-31. Seeing the sore sight of 6 turnovers, Coughlin notes,

"There's an awful lot to see and improve upon and consistency is one thing that has to take place for us in all places."

With needed improvement in Week 2, the Giants look to an overall improvement, in addition to depending on the actions of individual players, including those of Brandon Jacobs. Now 31, Jacobs was a former RB of the Giants before moving to San Francisco in 2011. He was released by the 49ers at the end of last season and is back in New York to give a little more experience to the Giants' running game.

"[He] is willing to do whatever we ask him to do in order to help our team, " noted Coughlin. "He also notes that Jacobs is "more humble" and that maybe their sophomore, David Wilson, "can learn from Brandon."

David Wilson, in his second year playing for the Giants, fumbled twice against Dallas. Wilson was a first round draft pick out of VA Tech for the Giants in 2012. Since then, he has done fairly well, but seems to have a lot to work on. After the Dallas game, Coughlin makes note that "we'll see" if Wilson starts in week 2 against Denver.

"He was careless and it cost us dearly," and, "He's going to have to overcome this issue. He's a marked man."

The big thing viewers at home will be waiting to see this coming Sunday is the showdown between the Manning brothers. Brother vs. brother seems to be a theme people make a hefty deal about (as noted in the "Harbowl"). Even so, the emotional factor doesn't seem to be something the Giants are worried about.

"Eli is very interested in playing his position to the best of his ability." When asked about any similarities to Peyton he went on to say.

"There are a lot of commonalities…there are differences as well," noted Coughlin.

Overall, it seems the Giant's are aware that this is going to be a tough game, but Coughlin is prepared to make a big improvement from the loss in Dallas.

Be sure to tune in Sunday, September 15th at 4:25 PM EST.

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