Brandon Jacobs: We've got to keep that fire

New York Giants halfback Brandon Jacobs spoke with reporters postgame about the team's mentality following its tough loss to the Denver Broncos.

Those predicting a win by the New York Giants over the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon were optimistic of two things happening:fFirst, that the Giants would avoid another plague of turnovers like the one they suffered in Week 1 against Dallas. Second, that the running game would be back online behind David Wilson and the newly acquired veteran Brandon Jacobs.

Neither of those things happened on Sunday. The Giants turned the ball over four times, gained just 23 yards on the ground, and lost to the Broncos 41-23. Through two games this season, New York has turned the ball over a ridiculous eight times and has yet to develop any sort of consistency in the running game. Jacobs is one of many Giants who are frustrated with the results so far.

"What are you going to do? "Are you going to get down on yourself and not continue to work hard?" said Jacobs after the loss on Sunday. "Then you're going to continue to lose. You've got to just keep your head up and keep working. We've got to keep that fire, we've got to work hard at practice, we've got to turn everything up a notch and stay positive about everything."

For the Giants, it's going to be tough to maintain a positive attitude after Week 2 was a repeat of Week 1. The offense was able to move the ball through the air, but costly interceptions and an ineffective running game kept them off the pace of Peyton Manning and the efficient Broncos. New York won't be seeing Denver again any time soon, but the team still has a very tough road in front of it.

"The other guys on the other side of the ball get paid as well and they have a job to do as well," said Jacobs, "We just have to win, that's all we have to do. We have to have that mentality to go out and beat up on everybody and do whatever it takes. I'm ready to be a part of it."

Jacobs is only a part of New York's plan because an injury to Andre Brown and general ineffectiveness by Wilson made the team desperate. However, now that the veteran is in the fold, it's nice to see that he's focused on being part of the solution. The Giants have enough problems as it is.

"I'm back, I'm a Giant, I got a chance to get into the end zone today, but you know, scoring that touchdown was very important but we didn't win. It means nothing. I was happy I got it but it means nothing because we didn't win."

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